Where is Maxine Waters?

It just dawned on me that Maxine Waters has disappeared. She used to be in the headlines every day for her words of wisdom. She is the Soul of the Democrat Party.
What has happened to her?

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She’s off learning to code somewhere. lol


Who says she is the soul of the party?

The media will cover anyone who they think will sell papers and get Viewers.

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She is?
According to who?


Apparently according to @BillBrown

She needs to up her tweet game or she’ll never represent DEMOCRATS the way Donald does Republicans.


Maybe her friends convinced her to be quiet and lay low. :smiley:

yeah funny media doesnt make much of her lately…

probably trying to minimize any more damage beyond what the idiots from the “squad” have been doing

Fox News realized their propaganda campaign wasn’t working as most Americans don’t know or care who Maxine Waters is. They’ve moved on to the squad, Beto, and, of course, they’re still beating Hillary’s dead horse. Here’s the latest gem:

The Squad is drowning her out. They’ve stolen her thunder.

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Got to give them points for consistency:

“Person X is a dangerous liberal subversive! She represents the entirety of the DEMOCRAT party!”



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You can bet that the Dem head honchos are still tapping her brain. She’s the intellectual wellspring of the Party.

That’s a scary thought that she might be the brains of the party. :rofl:

■■■■ me, how can any Trump supporters with a straight face be critical of any other politicians intellectual capabilities???


they might have! i havent seen her on the cover of rolling stone yet.

no one can be criticized because they criticize trump

Donald is a stable genius and the Chosen One.

One does not question the Chosen One, or his genius. Much better to assign a congresswoman as the face of the DEMOCRAT party and minimize the position of POTUS and the Chosen One as the face of the GOP.

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nbc just had hillary in the news too. not dead horse tho?

NBC is reporting a factual story about the 2020 presidential campaign. Fox is speculating, for the millionth time, about Hillary’s odds of taking on Trump again in 2020. That’s not news.

Strange how Trumpists want to label everyone as the “soul of the Democratic party” other than the actual front runners for the presidential nomination.

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