Where is Antifa outside of Trump rally in Dallas?

How come they aren’t there protesting and threatening/assaulting Trump supporters and rally goers? :grinning:

I think most of them live on the west coast, so they probably didn’t want to buy plane tickets. Also, they usually confront fascists such as Proud Boys, Neo-Nazis, and other Alt-Right groups. Not sure if normal Trump supporters count in their book.

ANTIFA are cowards. They tend to hide like roaches.

Antifa are probably at home, watching some Thursday NFL or some playoff baseball. Maybe helping their kids with homework.


KC vs Denver today. Good game so far. Mahomes got hurt but looks like he might be back.

So then I agree with @conan why ARENT they there?

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I think the obvious answer is that Donald Trump defeated Antifa, just like how he defeated ISIS, the Kurds, China, and the Bidens. Donald Trump is making America Great Again, and I think this rally in Dallas is proof.


Are you saying there are fascists at Trump’s rally? Because that’s usually where they show up, where fascists are.


I think I know the answer to my question…it’s Texas. Antifa doesn’t dare go to Texas. :grinning:

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What are they afraid of? Getting lassoed?


The Dallas antifa contingent is down on Mockingbird for range practice… :slight_smile:

There have been antifa protests in Texas.

They’re skeered of Trump World!

Antifa has probably seen too many episodes of Walker Texas Ranger. Not going to risk Texas justice.

Dare go to Texas? Do you not think there are militant anti facists in Texas?

More proof fascists and racists tend to live in far left leaning areas.


Well, that’s not even close to true.

Well, sure it is.

Trump voters don’t have rights. Only Democrat Politicians and their voters have Constitutional rights. I mean the ones that they approve of, and make up. The rest they simply throw out, as if the Constitution didn’t exist.