Where goeth the left now?

Rush tells us things we should have thought of but didn’t. Today he mentions an interesting thing.

As you are reminded of it, you know that the left has ALWAYS…for as long as anyone has been alive anyway, counted on the supreme court to pull their rancid bacon out of the fire. Always had 'em in their left pockets, so to speak.

Well…with the coming of a solid conservative majority…where does the left go? They can’t vote in their nefarious schemes…they don’t have the votes. Turns out the country is predominately center right after all. See their dilemma?

How will the left react on the day the court flips? Even before that day to try and keep it from flipping?

Let’s not get over confident. Reps only win if they come out in big numbers.

Question axed and answered. Just found this over at ToBlazes…

Chris Matthews warns the Democrat party will not survive if they let Trump do this
Jun 27, 2018 9:03 pm

MSNBC host Chris Matthews opined that if the Democrats didn’t block President Donald Trump’s nominees after the announcement of Supreme Court Justice Kennedy’s resignation, the party would risk their own survival.

Carlos Garcia (TheBlaze) MSNBC host Chris Matthews said Wednesday the fight between Republicans and Democrats over the replacement for Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy was going to be “the fight of the century.” He added that the Democrat party will not survive if they don’t press back against the Republicans.

I keep wondering what the dems will do. Reps have the house and senate and don’t need 60 votes thanks to Harry Reid… Just need to get it done before Jan, if we lose the house.

No over-confidence here Mx. 3947. I am confident that Trump will nominate the next justice and he’ll win in the end. And I’m also confident that the left which can’t win in congress will do what they do outside of congress. The NINO media (News In Name Only) is already egging on the motivated radicals. Giving them pre-marching orders, so to speak.

It’s so much easier when Rush thinks for you…

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But in the meantime it’s gonna be the devil’s playground with dems and traitor RINOS making it hard.

I bet they will be “unhinged” is the common buzzword for the cons

Yep. We’re screwed - or will be. It’s time for the draconic policies of the far right to try and destroy what is left of the country after trump is gone and has stacked the court.

It is a good word but long in the tooth Mx. Wrong. Dems have been sorta laying by…or wallering in the grass for the last couple of years compared to all teeth and claws coming between now and 2020. Just as soon they’d relax and snort more glue fumes.

We finally get a country sorta headed on the right track and here come the libs to just mess up our happy party.

This has been the pattern for decades. Party controls all 3 branches. They lose the house midterms. Lose them Senate eventually. Lose the president. Now other party has control. Rinse repeat. Cons did the same whiney crap with the tea party and Obamacare etc. Theres nothing unique or special going on here

And 2020 will be the most important election of our lifetime!!!

Democrats will take the.House and Senate in 2018, then when they take the White House in 2020,they increase the Supreme Court to 11 or 13 judges.Then they pack the court with liberals. Then cons can whine and cry for the next 40 years.

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Why are people ok with the potential to take away civil fights protections in America?

Well how about that Mx. Wrong. Me and you got the same destination…jes different routes.

Libs screw over everything and then conservatives fix it back up and then folksies say…Hey, everthang is going so great now…let’s try the lib way again.

And so on and so on. The ONLY reason the U.S. survives this natural order of things is bekez we have our constitution. As long as we got that we’ll just be miserable every so often and not dead out in a field somewhere with the rest of half the population.

Didn’t FDR already try that?

Sounds like a plan senor Bandito!

I had a plan one time about 50 years ago. I planned on being a millionaire. The only problem was I didn’t exactly figger out how to get that darned million bucks.

But it was a DANDY plan!

Democrats will be alright. After a few election cycles the trend will be reversed.

Si! Just gotta kinda rowdy on down some in the meantime and not ruin it for the rest of us.

Yes. This is the only option democrats have at this point, however.

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