Where Do You Stand on ACA Repeal? And Where Do We Go from Here?

You just vote for them all the time. Let me guess- you’re a liberal?

What do you think is going to happen with healthcare in the future? Do you see us moving back toward healthcare before the ACA, or toward something closer to universal/single-payer, etc.? Will the fact that the GOP didn’t repeal and replace (or just repeal) affect your view of them and your voting habits?

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Not all the time, I didn’t vote for Hillary, In fact, I’ve never voted for any Clinton.

Good guess. Though the, “Filthy Liberal” tag I wore for years at the old forum probably gave that away.

I don’t know if it will affect my voting habits. It’s definitely a concern… and I see us moving to a single payer system unfortunately.

I’m an IT analyst, not in healthcare… I’m not up to speed on the trends in healthcare.

I’ve just seen how Obamacare has been a nightmare.

Always easy to tell the people who don’t pay for healthcare under Obamacare. They think Obamacare is great.

Couldn’t care less that most real American’s pay 4 times more, with a ridiculous deductible.

We need to open up the free market in Healthcare, get rid of Obamacare and any kind of Government crap. Last thing we need to wind up like is England with the Government telling us to die and not receive treatment when there are other options out there.

Who are those people, exactly? The ones who are covered by the Medicaid expansion?

Illegal Mexican socialists from Venezuela, stealing our heathcare and voting for Hillary.



We need to open up the free market in Healthcare, get rid of Obamacare and any kind of Government crap.

Okay that’s a little vague (like, do you include Medicare in that?) But in any case, the GOP had a chance to do this presumably, but did not. Does that bother you? Why do you think this–to you–appealing, efficient, and cost-effective approach wasn’t taken? Wouldn’t it be an obvious political winner, if you’re right? Does their failure affect your view of the party, or whether you’ll be more or less motivated to vote for Republicans?

The weak knee, corrupted establishment right failed to fix healthcare and the crazy corrupted leftists wouldn’t vote for anything weakening their leftist money grabs.

Costs go up because of greed, unions, corruption, payoffs, big pharma, 500 dollar hammers, palm greasing. No common sense at all.

it’s almost as if GOP politicians don’t really care about Obamacare beyond it’s ability to help them win elections and once it became a negative instead of a positive they stopped trying instead of sticking to their guns on principle.

I believe that posters here have sincere qualms with Obamacare. The GOP does not. It’s just another bullet in the gun that they won’t allow near Mike Pence.

Nope we paid into Medicare so we own it, that does not mean there can be changes in the program, but it stays and so does SS. Government does not want an open free market system mainly because they will be giving up some of their power, talking about Fed and States. I used to vote split ticket but since the Dems have moved into a zone I can not relate to those days have ended for now. If the DNC moves more towards center I will give them another look, but not with their current direction and leadership.

Unemployed Leftists on stipend to Soros…AND illegal Marxist anybodies and brainwashed minions.

What do you think George Soros has to do with this topic?

And illegal Ebolians, don’t forget the Ebolians.

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It’s a knee-jerk.

Glad we’re all on board with keeping Medicare and SS. Seriously.

How will it survive without the individual mandate?

The repeal of the mandate doesn’t affect the expansion of Medicaid, subsidies for individuals to buy insurance, and regulations to prevent insurers from cherry-picking healthy people and excluding the sick from coverage. The law is primarily financed by other taxes by the way, not the individual mandate (Trump didn’t seem to understand this, as when he said: "When the individual mandate is being repealed, that means Obamacare is being repealed. Because they get their money from the individual mandate.”)

There are a few consequences, known and unknown. For example, the loss of the individual mandate will make the marketplaces that sell insurance to people who can’t get coverage through their employer less effective. That will make premiums more expensive. Some insurers may leave certain markets, but some states may simply impose a state-level mandate.

It’s also worth noting that eliminating the mandate and using the savings to help finance the tax cut essentially precludes the GOP from creating a replacement. That’s probably one of the reasons ACA repeal and replace disappeared from the Republican agenda.

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Such as?..