Where are we, prophetically speaking?

There are many views of prophecy. To clarify, I mean beliefs about world events that are still yet to happen. While I, as a Christian, am more referring to a Christian perspective, I would welcome beliefs from Non- Christian perspectives and well.

If you are a Christian, how are current world events aligning with your Christian beliefs. Is “the end” near? Far off? Indeterminate? Are we close to the Rapture? How do or have events in the Middle East figure in? Covid 19? Violence and Crime? State of man/society?

If you are a non-believer, what direction is society headed? Where will it be in 5, 10, 50 years etc. How is our current condition as a nation and world going to shape the future society you envision or hope for?

Matthew tells us the signs will the sun darkening and the moon not giving light; stars falling from the sky. We are not seeing anything like that.

Luke tells us things will be going on as normal; people marrying, people going to work, etc.

Keep in mind, that description of rapture some have today wasn’t known until the nineteenth century.

If the Democrats get power and if the Conservatives are right about the borders being thrown open (whether legally or simply functionally) then we’ll see see recognizable changes over the next few years. The true negative economic, social and environmental consequences will likely take 10-20 years.

Some refer to this as the Kali Yuga (Age of Strife), a time where evil and destruction take over, causing spiritual emptiness, mindless pleasure seeking, breakdown of social/familial structures, extreme materialism, unrestricted egotism, sickness of the mind and body, etc…

Of what faith is this belief? Is this your belief as well?

I personally have no religion, just faith in the Creator. This particular description comes from Hindu flavors. All of the major religions (and spoken languages) of today have the same Indo-European roots from before the Deluge.

I believe that political events are being shaped by religious beliefs, or a lack thereof. Regardless, I see a change that is happening around the world and I don’t see it as a positive change. As a Christian, I believe that Christ is going to return soon, so yes, the good guys win. But in the meantime, events on Earth continue for who knows how long. I don’t like the direction we are headed and feel for my grandson’s who will have to live in a world we are messing up more and more.

I do believe that while Democrats are basically Godless, there are too many Godless Republicans who are contributing to the overall decline as well. The world, and those who focus on it, are God’s enemies. There is no middle ground.

Can it turn around? What would it take? Is world society going to go the way of Mad Max or the Utopian view of Star Trek? (Assuming God doesn’t exist)

Either God is real or He isn’t. If he is real, He wins. If he isn’t, we all die and go into the ground never the wiser, and the world goes on till what?

I thought it was Hindu, but I’m not overly familiar with other World religions. As I look at the world, I see Bible prophecy being fulfilled, but then, that’s what I’m looking for. I see chaos and anarchy everywhere which doesn’t bode well for the long run in any country. Is it going to stop on it’s own, or be stopped by someone or group of people?

My opinion is it will end in a couple hundred thousand more years, but not before things get much much worse than they are now. We are currently a species with amnesia, cut off from our actual history, unable to see where we’re going due to forgetting where we came from.

That sounds like a lunar eclipse and a meteor shower. It happens all the time. Or the fallout from a major volcanic eruption such as Yellowstone.

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We have a porn obsessed, selfie obsessed, fame obsessed generation. Coincidentally we call them “millennials.”

OK Boomer.

Boomers elected a porn star canoodling, reality TV star, tabloid clown to the presidency whose greatest source of enjoyment in life is to have campaign rallies.

But yep - it’s those darned millennials who are fame, porn and selfie obsessed.


To the OP, the end is not near, and I say this with my Catholic and humanist hats on. Globally, conflict deaths are down, lifespans are up, standards of living are up, literacy is up, violent crime is low. Bit of a rough patch this year, but chin up - we’ll persevere.

By every conceivable metric, life is better for the vast majority of humans than ever before; if you think otherwise, turn off the news - it rots your brain; media wants you to think you live in a miserable place and to hate the “other.”

We live in a magical time and place where the entirety of the world’s knowledge exists at our fingertips for the price of a library card.


Trump is a little old to be a millenial, eh?

To the OP, the LDS church has been preaching that doom and gloom may come any second now. That was going on 30 years ago when I was a kid in the church, and is still happening today. And Jackson County Missouri will be Zion.

The LDS prophecies have been imminent for decades now.

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When things seem to get overwhelming, this Bob Seger song sets things straight. It is In Your Time, and the last line says it all: You’ll be fine…in your time

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“He wins”?

What does that even mean?

There could be a whole variety of outcomes of a universe where a deity exists…depending on what the nature of the deity truly is, and what power said deity actually has.

It’s a lot more complex than simply saying “he wins” or “the world goes on”.

This version of civilization is actually not borne out by actual evidence.

Humanity has not been on a gradual march towards greater sophistication and knowledge.

It’s more peaks and valleys…fits and starts…knowledge and civilization is lost as easily as it is gained. It is sheer hubris to think our civilization is any different.

And a very very large part of the 7 billion human beings on earth live in conditions of hardship and destitution…way way more than the number of people that live as you describe.

I’m not talking about what you see on the news. By and large what you see on the news are what I call #FirstWorldProblems.

Which a large number of human beings on earth would kill to trade in for their very real day to day problems.

I do not believe in a deity.

I long for, but do not expect, a future utopia like depicted in Star Trek.

But in general, humanity is too backwards and short-sighted for that future to unfold. At least, not a technocratic utopia. Hell…technology in my mind smothers our individual worth and allows those humans with a bent to exploit other humans more power and resources to do so.

I think the period of the 90s until now will be but a blip on humanity’s timeline. I expect the future to be far far different…could be bleaker and more savage…could be a liberation.

But it will be far different than “business as usual”.

I believe your views are subjective. You say conflict deaths are down, but what is your metric here? True, we are not engaged in a world war, and in fact, the US is not near as engaged in regional wars as it has been. On the other hand, global tensions are still very high and with our treaties and allies ( like Israel), we could be pulled into a war overnight. And then of course, with modern weapons, the death till could quickly surpass that if any war ever fought.

Violent crime is down? The violent crime rate has skyrocketed in big cities the last few months. With the Covid crisis, the Antifa and BLM riots… then look at the recent new bail laws in New York that are causing violent offenders to be released…

Standards of living are up in civilized places, but in Africa, many are still living literally in grass huts…

Sure - but lives are improving every year.

“Bad but Better” was the way Hans Rosling put it.

If you’re going to look at prophecies and end times as foretold in the Bible, I’d very strongly suggest you take a view longer than the last few months.

I just showed on my previous post the plummeting of global poverty over the last 30 years so I’ll spare you.

Conflicts and conflict deaths:

Violent crime:

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