Where are the masks

Well, Smyrna and I were talking about what was already there for the SOTU.

Understood that other convoys are en route.

Nobody cares what you thought you were talking about.

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Smyrna and I knew what we were taking about and that was trucks at the SOTU.

When deaths hit 1000 per day…half of now…the media clobbered Trump with election a few months off.

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Yes, because Trump lied to the American people multiple times about the virus. And IMHO those lies were one of the reasons he lost the election.

Who got fired?
For the SOTU those attending had to have a recent negative test. Marco Rubio said that he was not going to attend because he was too busy to get tested. Even though the office where the testing was taking place was only a few yards from his office and the test takes less then two minutes.

You’re not this dumb.

Show us your “real media stories” that there were hundreds of trucks.

His so called lies are exactly where we are with the virus.

Learning to live with it.

Trump was right and a war monger quasi legally stole the office on lies about defeating the virus.

Twice as many deaths and we are done with pandemic posture.


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When is the question?


For a bet to occur we have to have a date when these alleged truckers will enter Dc.


Without freedom of speech we would not know who the idiots are.


YES, but there are no more mean tweets! So there’s that. :rofl:

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I knew that there would still be Covid deaths when the Dems finally let off the pandemic posture.

I thought optically they could get away with 200 or so.

NEVER did I think it would be 2000.

TWICE the hysterical alarm level on Trump from August 2020.

Look at these headlines!!

There are dozens and dozens more. The Dems are in full disarray.


Glad you know more about his schedule than he does. You have an opinion and solution for everything. Thanks for your comment

Is real media now fake media?

I have no idea what you are talking about. I will let @Smyrna answer independently.

Hey that is open to debate. :rofl::rofl::rofl:

I would say uninformed.

The entire world heard Trump say one thing to the American people and the exact opposite to Bob Woodward. Also, why are mean tweets so important to a lot of people on the right? 71 million plus votes and you can’t find a decent leader who doesn’t mean tweet?

I happen to like some of the right’s policies, but the need to see your political opponents triggered is disgusting. Yes I also feel the same about lefties who want to trigger the right I just don’t think there are anywhere near as many.

Share with us what Trump said to Woodward and/or what you consider a Coronavirus response falsehood.

We know the masks were as Fauci first said…not worth the effort.

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