"Where are the Jews"

As anti Jewish violence increases so does the silence of your media and your cowardly democratic party. In this case a mob attacked diners in L.A. Not much said about this from the left. Maybe they are afraid to offend their loveable lunatics AOC, Presley, Tlaib and Omar? Y’all must be proud of your democratic courage.

"A group of Palestinians, about 30 of them, jumped out of a car and asked who was Jewish," the person said. "Two guys said they were and they proceeded to beat them up."

Need more examples of democratic bigotry? I have them.

Pro-Palestinian mob accused of attacking Jewish diners in LA, possible hate crime | Fox News

Stop. This is blatantly false. Why lie about that?

Okay, there has been a very limited and weak response. Good Job Hollywood. But this is not just a local issue.

What has Pelosi, Biden, Schumer and your party leadership said?

They’re Jewish.

Are you happy with the response of your party?

Knock it off with that “your party” ■■■■■■■■■

What do you want them to say? They’re feckless politicians.

Not my party, sport. Keep on keeping on though. Your desire for division is obvious.

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That thread title is spooky.


What do I want them to say? The same thing they would say if this was an attack on Muslims or blacks.

Sound good?


I agree. I don’t feel good in the pit of my stomach. But anti jewish mobs cannot be tolerated with half assed actions. Or none at all.

If they ask me if I’m Jewish (I am not), I’m hoping I have the guts to say YES!

Expel Omar and Tlaib from all committee assignments. That would be a start.



Zero chance. Pelosi has no guts nor moral compass.


The Biden administration keeps telling us that white supremacy is the “greatest threat to the country” while again ignoring and egging on leftist violence. And Democrats are perplexed as to why gun sales are so damn high.


Nobody is avoiding certain areas because they are afraid of white supremacists. Zero.

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It’d be cool if The left stopped throwing black people at the right and the right would stop using Jews

Meanwhile the Jewish space laser lady is pretending to care about Jews suddenly.

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Nobody is perplexed. Literally.

Just can’t help it.

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That’s called an example.
Yeah it ain’t real. You guys don’t care. It’s fodder.

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Sure, sure.