Where are the Apologies? Covington Students Cleared of Wrongdoing


Or for Charlottesville?


Well, then I’m lazy as hell then. I tend to believe who funds an investigation influences the findings.

I saw the video where one of kids is yelling “it’s not rape if you enjoy it” and saw the video of them doing the “tomahawk chop” and thought “screw them.” Maybe that’s just my inner SJW though.


To the first, completely untrue, all they have to prove is that the claims were false and that said claims damaged their reputations and future opportunities which is of course easy to prove by simply playing what was said of them by the media and posting any of the tens of thousands or more social media posts smearing them every way possible as a result.

The death threats, bomb threats etc are all recorded as well and admissible for the purpose of showing damages.

No the 1st Amendment is not a license to defame, slander, or libel anyone.

The coverage was so negatively biased against the students and school it isn’t even questionable, that’s a ridiculous claim on it’s face.

There was absolutely nothing to support the phony Indian/Vietnam Vet’s claims and the same media outlets had the video/audio covering the event and a duty to review it before running with the story.


I never said they shouldn’t apologize. Just noted that the real villains are the ones who purposely made these kids look worse than they were. And I wouldn’t be surprised if it was someone who didn’t have the left’s best interests in mind.


The 1st Amendment does not give anyone a license to libel or slander anyone else.

All you need do is show the story to be false and that the reporter/anchor/writer acted recklessly and or maliciously in running the story.


Since when does ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC and most of the blogosphere not have the left’s best interests in mind?


Good luck with that.


Anyone who hasn’t seen the full video really should hop over to youtube and search for the following.

Covington Catholic High students FULL VIDEO

I can’t link to it directly here because of the language.


I… I don’t know where to start with this.

First, you can’t kidnap a teenager and dress her up as a prop for your political ideology.

Second, how are you going to make her stand out at a Trump rally? Handicapped in a MAGA hat? :rofl:


You should actually read posts before replying. Nobody said anything about kidnapping or anything else that would be against her will.


“Put her in a hat” and “have her stand”.

Sounds consensual to me.


seriously? Keep trying to slice it thin while avoiding the context.

and have her stand up for her beliefs.

I don’t know how you would force someone to stand up for their own beliefs.


How would I know how to force her, and why would I want to? She’s your hypothetical Trump supporter.


I didn’t bring her up. Try again.


Article states a lawsuit was filed on behalf of Nick Sandmann against the Washington Post. Maybe this is the revolution the liberals were saying would happen with our youth.
Its too bad these youths were treated the way they were. I hope the court will side in his favor.


After I saw the Twitter vid of them harassing the young woman I knew they were the little jerks they were presented to be. They got off easy in my book.


Yes, I’m sure his libel suit against the Washington Post will be a big winner. For the Post, their lawyers, and his lawyers. Not so much for little Nicky, unless he’s actually looking for a little publici… oops. My bad. Wins all around!


They won’t get a dime. Newspapers reported the facts as they were at the time. Even those journalistic perfectionists at Fox News did as well. And when the kids were cleared, the Post reported that. The faux outrage never ends.




Here is a copy of the lawsuit…

Interesting that they filed in federal court and not Kentucky courts…


You might want to fact check that video. From what I understand, those arent the same kids.