Where are the Apologies? Covington Students Cleared of Wrongdoing


It’s ok though since those women and blacks are conservatives and/or libertarians.

The flip side of that is people like Robert Byrd, Ted Kennedy, and Bill Clinton who’s actions were atrocious but they supported leftwing causes and they remain heroes to this day in the eyes of the left.


As long as the activist keeps selling out, and the Democrat Politicians
keep paying off those activists, it’s all good! lol.

Then the Activists always just look the other way, when
Democrats do or say anything Racist, or Sexist, or rape women.

The Liberal Media likes to look the other way also. (ABC, CBS, NBC).


I don’t really care about the lawsuit, but there was a few blue check marked celebrities and business owners that were calling for violence against the kids. I draw a line there. While I didn’t like the way the media started the reporting with just a fragment of a video, most at least corrected it somewhat. My problem is with the Twitter celebs and important people calling for violence on kids.


They all share responsibility. If not for the lies the media ran with none of the rest would have followed.

They had a basic duty to verify the accuracy of the accusations before running with them and everyone with a pulse had a reasonable expectation of what would follow those allegations being splattered all over every form of media in the country smearing the kids and the school.


There all in a big rush to be the ones that break the big new story, remember how the Travon Martin news first started being reported and become such a huge story? It was portrayed as a black kid killed by a white man, I think it was MSNBC that even edited the police scanner or something like that.


Correction, “black kid murdered by a white man”. Remember what that led to? Hell, cities have been burned due to the hate and activism it inspired.


That actually applies to your assertion. There’s 0 provable damages that they will be able to demonstrate in court.

What claptrap. The people who made the threats are the only ones directly responsible for the threats.

I remember when alleged conservatives used to believe in personal responsibility.

But yeah, if that’s the route we’re going, there are a lot of Democrats, including Obama, who would have legitimate suits against Fox and some right-wing pundits for inciting violence. Hell, if this is the standard, Trump is going to be in trouble for inciting violence at his rallies and via the lies and insults he flings through Twitter.

Absolutely not. The 1st amendment prevails.

What will especially hurt the case will be that the story unfolded and outlets that covered it were quick to continue to share all sides as they came out.

Additionally, intent is going to come into play. That will be impossible to prove.


i Am sort of enamoured with the first amendment.

Defamation/libel case has no chance.

You have to know that.



Since he values consistency so much it really does sound like WR is indirectly saying Trump is liable for any violence his words might provoke.


We also have child protection rights and laws against child abuse so maybe these kids will get some justice.


Lol. The first amendment is pretty much iron.

Child abuse. Lol.

That’s a reach but go with it and see how the judge rules.



An independent investigation funded by the diocese.


Different party in power, different standard of ‘independent’.


They’ll get their apology right after the Duke Lacrosse team. Or Steven Hatfill. Tell them to wait in line.


The Mainstream Fake News Media hasn’t been accurate for quite some
time on a lot of their made up Liberal Biased Left-Wing stories. lol.

I wonder if they even care to try and be accurate any more,
or if they just run with anything that comes in their itty bitty brains.


I’m just curious what the Catholic Church has to do in order for people to not trust their “independent” investigations.


The people who really need to apologize are the ones who intentionally mislead the public on Twitter in the first place.

Unfortunately they were anonymous. Wouldn’t be surprised if they were purposely trying to create division. The Russians did similar things in 2016.


Yeah…this is the diocese that instantly condemned these boys before the whole story came out. They don’t seem all that keen on defending people just cuz they’re Catholic.

Beyond that, paying for an investigation =/= influencing its findings. It’s lazy to dismiss findings on that ground.


Yes. Let’s not blame people for not doing due diligence and sorting out all the facts of the incident before running with the story.

People who don’t do due diligence bear as much culpability as those who try to manipulative and deceive.


When is Trump going to issue his apology to the “Central Park 5?”