Where-abouts of General Mattis

I read on YOUTUBE that General Mattis is now a Judge at Guantanamo for Military Tribunals, can someone tell me if that is true or not?

It is not true.

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Hes in witsec talking to Mueller last I heard

Where on YouTube did you read that, and why would you think it true?

Lol. Not true.


If it was read on YouTube, then it was read in the comments, which is like the Algonquin Roundtable of soohisticated, informed discussion and analysis.

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That would make for a fantastic reality TV show. lol

As a general rule, you dont become a judge (military or otherwise) unless you’ve been to law school.

Mattis has not. He’s also retired from the military.

Here lies a complete bitch. His uselessness is hard to define.