When will democrats throw out their radicals

And become a viable party again?

The way I see it moderates must shed their extreme elements within their party to gain national acceptance or otherwise the environmental weenies, the socialist, the open border people and other radicals will take em down a path of destruction.

It’s time for moderates if their still any left withing the rank and file to take back their party before it’s too late.

When will the New Party of Trump not be the party of liars, abusers, egomaniacs, and narcissistic white guys sick with greed?

Oh look, another Conan call out thread. Must be a day that ends in y.

Call out thread? You better report it then.

I don’t know. When will MAGAts throw out the #burnthejews crowd and the #bringbackslavery enthusiasts?

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You’ve got more than enough freaks in your own party to worry about. Donald’s been stocking that swamp.

Remember when the dimocrats were always trying to sell obama as some kind of moderate, and would make idiotic comparisons to reagan to sell his policies?

Those days are loooong gone. This is nothing but frenzied rabble.

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I suspect the division is only going to get worst for you silly libs in near future. :sunglasses:

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When the muslims throw out their radicals or when pigs begin to fly…only then will the dems throw out the radicals who have hijacked their party. That’s 1 way of seeing this issue. Another way is to consider that Soros paid the Dems 100 million USD so that he could control the democratic party. Then Hillary paid the Dems her millions to control the party. Then you have the Awan brothers, a Pakistani intelligence operative who compromised the democratic party, with his decade-long spy ring. Then you have obama himself, who hijacked and controlled the party. Then you have the muslim brotherhood, who have infiltrated the democratic party and the government, at every level, under the democratic leadership. Then you have the Russians. And, what about our own DHS, who tried to influence our elections, under the direction of obama, himself. Voting machine fraud, under the Dems, was never investigated. Never mind dead people who still vote. Do you really think that the democratic party can be reformed? The democratic party must be outlawed, its officers arrested and its activities, criminalized.

It’ll get worse for both sides.

And you’re as silly as anyone.

Democratic ‘‘radicals’’: people trying to protect the environment and help those less fortunate.

Republican/conservative radicals: Tiki torch carrying throwback racist, environmental rapist

When they allowed a left-wing socialist from district 14th out of New York state defy their national agenda…that should give libs a pause. But of course they aren’t smart enough to realize what’s happening to em.

Do you care about the environment?

I hate shoulder-biting partisan retards of all stripes.

Just ignore him. He’s just looking for attention.

You must loathe the current political atmosphere. They’ve overrun the entire scene.

You’re funny…

Don’t say I didn’t try to warn you all.

My advice is to throw em out…throw all those radical elements out now and save the party.

The jackasses make me want to drop kick a toddler.

There is nothing ideology anymore. It’s all a game of, “Let’s hate the others”. It doesn’t even matter who those others are.

■■■■ this team mentality. Trolling has become more cherished than the Country’s future.

■■■■ parties. They are the problem.