When will Biden have the guts to emerge?

Do you think it’s Covid that has Joe afraid to leave his basement? Or is it his crazy assed communist agenda that he want’s to keep hidden? The conventions are over, people are going to work and living their lives. They want to hear from the candidates. Yet Joe is in isolation hiding, refusing to answer questions and trying avoid discussing any of his ideas. The man is about as bold as a field mouse. This is probably the most cowardly person to ever seek the Presidency. And what about Kamala? They seem to have grounded her too. Does she have Covid phobia as well? These are your “leaders” dems. People who are terrified of speaking in public without a script. Will these chicken ■■■■■ ever come out?

Still running with old talking points. Hit the “refresh” button.


The panic, fear and desperation is setting in on Trump supporters…

Biden just accepted the nomination and made a live speech that went off without a hitch. What more do you want from him? If you’re an American citizen, It’s not like you’ll vote for him anyway.

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It’s more of a question than a talking point.

Will these chicken ■■■■■ ever come out?

What do you think?

I want him to get out of his basement and answer some real questions. Make himself accessible to reporters. Especially reporters who are not dedicated to getting him elected. In other words, stop being a coward. Is that too much to ask? He a wuss.

His acceptance speech was just over a week ago.

It’s typical for the opposing candidate to lay low while the convention for the opposing party is happening out of respect.

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Okay. I don’t agree with your assessment, but If you’re an American citizen, no one is forcing you to vote for Biden.

Can you imagine if this pandemic happened in 1990 ? Lucky for all of us, there’s high-speed Internet and ability to work and play remotely. So he can stay in there till January for all I care.

He didn’t show any respect. He was live tweeting from his basement during the convention. Is it time for him to ride his stair lifter out of the basement and face some questions? The Cardi B thing was pretty lame. How about facing Mikey W?

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It’s not actually an assessment. It’s what is happening. Either he is hiding away in his basement, or he is not. No assessment needed.

Yes well, how horrible for someone to be constantly spewing stuff over Twitter , right ? :wink:


I’m sure if you let Biden know he’ll consider it. In the meantime I’m sorry that he’s hurt you.


So on the one hand he is “hiding in his basement doing nothing,” but on the other hand he is “not showing respect due to all the stuff he is doing.”

Okey dokey then. This has been an interesting exchange.


Why would you say that? Why should he not tweet? My question is, should he come out of his bunker and discuss his agenda with a real person? Or is it too dangerous with all that Covid crap around him? I know how scary this must be. :ghost:

You appeared to say that he was disrespectful by live tweeting, not me.

As far as your other questions, like I said earlier - so many of us are WFH right now and he’s free to do the same all the way until January if he chooses.

Harris was asked the question about both of their schedules in a interview with NBC. She said that the campaign was in the process of making a speaking and interview for both of them. She said that Biden was pushing for as many personal appearances as possible. She said he is looking forward to getting out on the trail. She also said that the campaign is considering what events can be done safely due to th virus.

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You’ll be seeing more and more BDS threads as we get closer to November.


Biden was interviewed live by Anderson Cooper. Yesterday.

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How can that be? He’s hiding in his basement.

He did a live speach at convention. Been doing live interviews since. And has annoucned he is doing in person campigning starting labor day.

This would be like me starting a thread “When will Trump acknowladge Covid?”

Its not accurate. Close thread.