When Ukraine turns into a nothing burger, UN scandal is next

Libs may make a point that President Trump is threatening UN Members next. Bad boy Trump is making UN uncomfortable…

“U.S. “taking names” of countries that vote against U.S. interests, particularly in regard to Israel. Apparently President Trump warned that the administration was watching votes – specifically from those that take U.S. money.”

Holy ■■■■ he is a real bully and against world order. Go get em again… (Sarcasm noted)


So you’re okay with a world order that is NOT in the best interest of the USA!

Why would the other country’s in the world put the USA’s interests above their own?



A “world order”?

That sounds terrifying. What does it mean?

News flash, other countries do not exist to serve the US.

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But won’t they like us better if we do what they tell us to do?

I’m wondering what the next fake news bout will bee also.

Trump was mean to a dog, perhaps. Remember when they were all ginned up on how many scoops of ice cream he gets… LMAO!..

Romney reference?

We don’t exist to serve them or support their interests over ours either.


Obama was.

Why don’t Cons just make Israel the 51st state and move on?

No, I try not to think about guys like him. He didn’t even complain when OBama stole the election using the IRS to oppress 500 reps orgs. He should have been the first one to stand up and say, “hey, they are using the FBI against Trump the way they used they IRS against him”…

This kind of abuse was predicted when the federal govt was given this much power…

Exactly and why would the USA do that! And why shouldn’t the USA look into United Nations countries who continue to vote against USA’s best interest. The United States pays the majority of the cost for that USELESS institution and it’s in the interest of taxpaying Americans to know where their $$$ is going which is down the drain where UN is concerned.

Don’t worry, this Ukraine thing isn’t going anywhere for awhile. The president sent his personal attorney to pressure a foreign government to investigate the son of his most likely election rival. That is, despite the alternate reality we all live in now, a Very Bad Thing.


It’s not just USA support for Israel as the United Nations is as corrupt any any Big Government around the globe and it really is a useless piece of junk otherwise we wouldn’t have the atrocities going on around the globe which was the main function of the “United Nations” in the first place to ensure a world order of a global civil society. It has FAILED miserably! :angry:

They are nothing but shills for the GW hoax and its full of countries with one hand out for USA $$$ while stabbing the USA in back with the other hand! :angry::angry:

Sorry, but this sort of rhetoric fails when your Chosen One has given priority treatment to countries like Russia and North Korea. It’s simply hypocritical. But you can rant on all you’d like. Sure then UN is flawed. And it seems Trumpists are happy to burn ally bridges over it. It’ll be a sad day when the US starts to list dictators as allies and once longstanding peaceful countries as enemies.

Sorry, but that is just not true!

It’s called fighting back?

Or bank roll their virtue signaling.

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That’s true.