When it's all said and done what will the actual cost be for all the rioting, looting, arson etc?

Give in to what?

Making sure cops don’t have a knee on perps neck for 8 minutes killing the man.

Remember George Floyd.


It’s the police fault they allowed one of their own to keep a knee on a arrestees neck for 8 minutes.

How can anyone back that up.


You can’t. That individual committed a criminal act and must be prosecuted for his actions. That does not in any way justify what happened after.

How can anyone back that up?

People were upset at the killing. Really really upset. Caught on video.


Tough ■■■■■ That doesn’t give anyone the right to burn down buildings and steal property.

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Easy for you to say.

Why did the riots happen. Out of the left field.

No there was a reason.

Now everyone can sit back and say “no, no it is wrong to riot and loot”


ain’t about floyd. ain’t been about him since about day 2


It’s ALWAYS about Floyd and the way black people are treated by the police.


what a bunch of horse ■■■■■

The riots happened because elements hidden within the protest were determined to get free stuff at walmart. ain’t about floyd, was never about floyd. the looting and rioting are about nothing but greed and “fun”.


that’s you’re problem, you actually believe that ■■■■■ None of those people knew floyd and they don’t give a damn about him. all they care about is creating mayhem and if using floyd to create some works… oh well.


You better learn to control your emotions. It’s what separates children from adults. As an adult, if you commit a criminal act, you’ll be punished for it…period.

The rioters were arrested en masse.

Not quite.


That’s right and…after their local fun…no federal funds. Now what?

State funds to rebuild and wait until January 2021 to ask for state funds.


That’s up to the state and the state’s tax payers who also vote but don’t come asking for a dime from me.

Doesn’t matter when biden becomes president things will change for the better.


That’s not why but more importantly

Riot, civil commotion, and vandalism are covered perils under virtually all commercial property policies. They are covered causes of loss under both named perils and “all risk” policies. Carl’s building and restaurant property are insured under an “all risk” policy. The policy doesn’t exclude riot, civil commotion, or vandalism so the damage to his property should be covered.

25 million in insured losses spread out over a city is not as damaging as you think and many claims will in fact be denied because again you can’t always insure against riots and that’s because you can’t insure against intentional acts because well that counter to the system of commercial insurance and more specifically public policy

The question will come down probably whether a particular store wa trargwted for looting or was destroyed because building two doors down was set on fire and they caught fire too. It’s Complicated for sure.

ETA: you can of course get a policy against an intentional act such as anti theft policy but that’s not straight commercial insurance policy that is being discussed here. Sorry wanted to add that to make sure it’s clear

I think they got their reparations in loot over the past 50 years.

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We already know that’s the plan. Thanks for confirming.

Having failed in every effort to nullify an election - from begging electors to become unfaithful to an actual impeachment - you© now use destruction of innocent Americans in your© devil’s plan.