When is a Lynching Not A Lynching

BLM wants so badly to beieve that there are racists hiding behind every bush and tree.

“There were no signs of a struggle. No defensive wounds observed and no other signs of trauma visible to Mr. Fuller. Mr. Fuller’s hands were not bound and there were no signs he attempted to remove the ligature from his neck,” Marks continued, according to KNX-1070.

"Investigators observed several prominent linear scars on Mr. Fuller’s left wrist consistent with suicidal attempt."

In a similar case in nearby Victorville, a surveillance video proved that the hanging death of Malcolm Harsch, another black man, was a suicide and not a lynching as many claimed.


@LucyLou , quit putting your words in other’s mouth. Thanks.

@thinkingman , don’t infer democrats are shooting kids.

Both are over the line and not conducive to debate or worthy of discussion. Trolling.


Thanks GWH. I was coming back to delete them anyway.

I am glad it was not a lynching. I believe that lynching and racism it a thing of the past. Now we got the get the emotionally ill extreme radicals to calm down and become a normal society. This craziness started in the 21st century in America when radicals tried to take God out of America. God Bless America God Bless the American People and God Bless our federal republic.

When does Black Lives Matter, not actually be about caring for all black lives?

When does “defund the police” not actually be about…defunding the police?

This is the new libnormal way of doing things. First…express your angry feelings. Step two…when shown the hypocrisy of them, evolve the meaning into another and then claim this is what you meant all along.

Sheople…come and get it. Your next meal is ready.

You think racism is a thing of the past? Interesting take.

“Why won’t BLM do what I want it to do???”


I thiink that the racism of yesterday, far exceeds any you can find today? Now the word “racism” is being used as an excuse for failing to actually address the problems of today. It’s also a mantra to unite a crowd into voting for a certain political party, that after the election, do not give a rat’s ass about you…until the next election.

The greater question is why doesn’t BLM actually care about black lives? Why lie?

Yes. I think it is a thing of the past with less than 7m people practicing it. 7m people out of 350m people in the US is 2% of the population. The people that practice it are on the fringe and are not taken seriously by the rest of the population.

“Systemic” Racism does not exist at all. "Systemic " means rules are put in place that are racist. Things like a “Black” cant marry a “white”. Show me where those rules are in place today.

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They do. I’m sorry they don’t focus on the things you want them to.

Define which “racism”.

No…they don’t and the evidence proves…they don’t. Why perpetuate this lie?

What is that 7M number?

BLM doesn’t care about black people. Gotcha.

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Ask @Bosun He brought it up first.

When children are being murdered in the streets or are watching their fathers being murdered…in cold blood…right before their eyes and the BLM is what instigated this, the evidence clearly leads to the conclusion…BLM does not care about black lives…unless…they died at the hands of a white police officer…PERIOD.


How convenient for you.

It doesn’t matter if one person is a racist. There still is racism in America.

Don’t ya think they would be advocating and calling louder for those who do the black on black murder in say like Chicago, New York, and the other big liberal cities to be stopped. You know call for witnesses to come forward so those responsible can be put in prison?

Why don’t they do that? Why only cops?