When I was Young

That…or using your hind end…amirite? :sunglasses:

When I was a kid 50+ years ago, and up until just a few years ago, in fact, you could go weeks or even months between seeing the President on TV–and when he was, it was generally something really important, of national significance.

That was awesome.


Yup, I am 67, so yes we are part of the same generation. My Dad fought in the South Pacific in WWII and almost died. It was interesting because he realized that Viet Nam was not a war worthy of fighting. And he encouraged me to do whatever it took to stay out of it. He was very Republican but got to really dislike Nixon for his inability to end the war early in his first term.

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Thank you, I appreciate it.

Who? Not even the Communist Party USA wants that.

The Russian people didn’t want USSR style communism either, neither did the Chinese people or the North Korean people or the Cuban people. Know why they got USSR style communism?? BECAUSE COMMUNISM IS A LIE THAT MUST BE FORCED ON PEOPLE! There’s no such thing as benevolent communism. It’s always a totalitarian system. That’s exactly what the left is trying to create in the US…

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There is no such thing as USSR style communism… they never got past the socialism phase. Communism is a nearly impossible goal and as evident by these countries, totalitarianism doesn’t get you there any faster.

Not even remotely correct.

Yeah, what a coincidence that every one of these “people’s revolutions” stopped at totalitarianism. But I’m sure it’s just because leaders like Lenin, Mao, and Castro weren’t enlightened like American communists and socialists are. It would be SO much different in America… :roll_eyes:

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Any system that relies on placing faith and power within a small elite group is most likely going to lead towards some sort of dictatorship and totalitarian state. Except for a few tankies, no Americans are pushing for such a system.

Weren’t the Democrats by the 70’s being accused of being anti-American, flag, patriotic, & pro Marxism?

Not most of them, but there was a few.

You mean elite people like Nancy Pelosi and Lori Lightfoot, who want people arrested for running a hair salon or getting haircuts during a mandated shut down and then go and get a haircut for themselves? Elite people like that?? You mean elite people like John Kerry, who gives a speech on national TV about rich people paying their fair share of taxes while parking his yacht in another state to avoid paying taxes? Elite people like that?? Sure, Americans are SO enlightened compared to OTHER “equal” people of other countries. I’m sure all the wealth actually would be confiscated and redistributed equally among all citizens… :roll_eyes:

What the hell is wrong with you people?


Uh, what is the point of this rant? Why are you naming specific Americans when no one is even suggesting these people, or any people, for that matter, should be placed in a position of total power? Very strange tangent you’ve taken here.

What on earth are you talking about? No one is proposing this.

Indeed. Those strawpeople you made up sound terrible!

Strawpeople?? You do have a TV in your cave don’t you? You’ve never heard of Nancy Pelosi, Lori Lightfoot or John Kerry? These events, two of them very recent, are news to you? Good Lord. Not only do we have to show you the dots, but we have have to hold your hand and guide the crayon to help you connect the dots to see the picture, and even when the picture is fully revealed you guys still stand there dumbfounded and wondering how you didn’t see it.

Look up “useful idiots” sometime…

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Yes, but we use it as a computer monitor and for video games, not actual broadcast television.

I’m familiar with all 3. I don’t need a TV for that.

I’m aware of the events you’re referring to, I just fail to see what it has to do with what we were discussing.

Maybe instead of ■■■■ talking other posters you should actually think about what you are writing and how it pertains to the thread.

I said that its bad to place absolute power in the hands of a select elite and also that no one in the US wants this to happen or is trying to make it happen and you went off on a tangent about a bunch of US politicians you don’t like.

Wouldn’t a more logical response be to try to prove that I’m wrong and that the left on the US is trying to change the USA to a USSR style dictatorship? Failing that, you might just want to accept defeat, save face, and not respond.

Who are you calling an idiot?

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For crying out loud. Do you think revolutions are carried out by individuals?

You resent my implication of your inability to understand, yet if I don’t post obvious things you don’t take them into consideration. Pelosi and company are not “strawmen.” They are very powerful politicians within their respective spheres of influence that share the same ideology. This is a vital necessity of any revolution. Your insistence that no one is suggesting they be put in a position of total power is what is irrelevant. None of them is suitable to be the “leader” of a revolution, but they sure could be an invaluable help to someone who is…

One of the characteristics of every leader that has emerged from a Communist revolution is utter disdain for the lives of the people they claimed to champion. This is a good working definition of “elitist.” They make rules for the peasants that don’t apply to them like “I’ll arrest you for getting a haircut during a mandated shut down, but how dare you think I shouldn’t get one if I want to.” You think her attitude toward the peasants is any more sympathetic or empathetic in ANYTHING else whatsoever?
Do you remember last year at one of the town halls she was at and she talked about the wealthy paying their “fair share”? ( What a familiar theme among Lib politicians BTW) when someone asked about HER wealth, she responded very arrogantly, “WE’RE NOT HERE TO TALK ABOUT THAT!” Of course she didn’t want to talk about it… And Lori Lightfoot and John Kerry have the same Elitist snob attitude that Nancy does. They, and politicians like them

Then, you say or ask the same dumb thing that has been posted many times by Libs here. “Who on the left is talking about changing the US into a Communist dictatorship?” :grimacing: :grimacing:

DO YOU THINK THEY’RE GOING TO TELL THE PEASANTS THEIR INTENTIONS UP FRONT??? I’ve asked this question many times to you Libs and not surprisingly, not one single solitary one of you had offered a truthful answer. Here it is again: Do you think the people would have supported Lenin, Mao or Castro if they knew that they would immediately be oppressed and impoverished by the leaders they helped gain power?

You believe no one is pushing totalitarianism, and you’re evidence is because no one is SAYING IT?? Why then are the leftist leaders saying and doing the very things done by all the other communist dictators prior to their gaining power? They’re following the dictators for dummies handbook to the letter…

You asked who am I calling an idiot? I’m not. I said look the phrase “useful idiot” up…then see who it’s (incorrectly) attributed to.

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What revolution? There is no revolution planned that involves any of these people.

There is no communist revolution happening, this is you just complaining about elitist politicians acting like elitist politicians. On top of that, one thing that Pelosi, Lightfoot, and Kerry all have in common is that they aren’t communists.

So this is also a crazy conspiracy theory. Lenin, Mao, and Castro told people they were going to overthrow the government and replace it with communist government and replace capitalism with socialism. No one in the DNC is doing this.

They aren’t.

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Nice thread. Always amazes me how folks on the Right, every 4 years, like clockwork, get all fussed about Socialism and Voter Fraud. Neither exist to any extent in this country, and if it happens both sides dabble in it.

We have taken quite a few lumps lately, but in its essence the America I grew up in is the America we still have today. Details change, but not the people.

I grew up in the 70s, and when I think of those times I do remember how simple life used to be compared to today. But I was a child, its supposed to be like that if your childhood is halfway decent. Grownups have the complicated times, not kids.

Yeah, it was fun to ride in the bed of a pickup, but it probably wasn’t a smart thing to do.

Yeah, it was fun to stay out all day and come home when the street lights turned on. But our generation was molested and exploited heavily because of it. Kids back then didn’t know who to tell because it was a Priest, a teacher, a neighbor or a relative who did it. I am glad kids today know its not okay, and for parents to know where they are. I think it goes a bit too far, but it is better than the alternative.

I was a shy, fat kid who was bullied back in the day. Bad bullying that bordered on horrific. It stained my whole concept of trying to belong and trying to interact with people. It led to a lot of problems in my 20s that I had to overcome. I am glad that bullying is no longer accepted either, or racist/homophobic jokes, or sexist attitudes.

I watched an episode of “Three’s Company” recently and was amazed by what we found funny back in the day. When Jack pretended to be gay and was the object of Roper’s scorn. When the girls were constantly belittled, objectified and mocked, called stupid.

Maybe, even as a poor white fat kid, I still felt I wasn’t the bottom of the rung. Maybe that is why I found all of this stuff funny. I don’t honestly know.

The one thing I think we got right, though, was failure. We were allowed to fail, we were allowed to get bad grades. A 4.0 average was perfect, not this current nonsense. Parents believed the teachers, the neighbors and the coaches when they had something critical to say about us. And we were punished when we screwed up. My parents were both beaten badly as kids so they didn’t hit us as a rule, maybe a swat on the backside. But we knew when we screwed up, that is for sure.

And one thing that still kills me when I watch HGTV, there was no “Playroom” or “Bonus Room” for the kids, we used the basement and we picked up our toys and put them away when we were done with them. And we didn’t have many toys in the first place.

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