When does calling someone a murderer amount to defamation?

I don’t think he’s actually filed anything, yet.

You mean the networks, who (the networks) are already under contract with their advertisers (where the networks get their funds) and where viewership is the major factor in the cost of advertising minutes. And since advertising is based on economy of scale factors it won’t mean anything of consequence from the viewers. It will be a singular hit on the cash flow of those being sued. You really should have taken more economics and business classes.


No, that’s not what I mean. I mean the payoff his lawyers get will come from people who donate to his legal fund - he won’t win a cent from any of his cases.

It was a joke, referencing old PBS shows.

The Proletariat Broadcast Network, no wonder I didn’t recognize the joke. Seems the young man already had those fees donated to pay lawyers so I suspect the folks who donated don’t care.

Salt from realizing you’re playing for the wrong team?