When Are the Terms "Lib" and "Con" Worthy of a TO?

I came back here about a month ago, and it is indisputable that there are new rules, as well as totally different behavior from the moderators when comparing the old forum with the new forum.

However, I have read the rules, and they seem the same as they were before.

The newest rule that I saw was that the words “lib” and “con” might be unacceptable here based on context.

Those words have been acceptable on Hannity forums for years.

. . . Never mind. It’s not worth it.

This is bad. lol

I’ll post what I put to you in the private message before you made this post. So everyone can see it.

For the most part calling some a lib or con isn’t against the rules. If however it is in a derogatory tone or mannor, it’s abuse of guest and gets deleted.

THAT has always been the case.

The thread in question where this was brought up had multiple abuse of guest posts. It was a simple warning that instead of deleting, ANY abuse of guest AFTER the warning would result in a week off.

No it hasn’t. Lib and con are always thrown around here. Now you’re going to divine intent?

This is getting so ridiculous.

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That hasn’t been the case in the four years I have posted on either forum.

Frankly, I’m stunned to be getting a reply from a moderator. I’ve been checking out the Community Feedback forum for a few weeks, and this might be the first substantive reply from a moderator over that period.

I don’t even mind that that reply is completely wrong.


You trying to contempt of mod?

The ship didn’t sink 4 years ago, did it? lol

Can we please have a place that we can access that informs us all of the new rules?

Unlike the old forum, post deletions never let me know what was deleted. Sometimes posts are gone without notification. Sometimes threads disappear without notification.

In all of those cases, forumers are completely unaware of what rule they broke and why.

So can we have a sticky with all of the new rules please?

Undoubtedly, much has changed here, and frankly I don’t know what those changes are yet, because the amount of feedback is close to zero.


Not a new policy. attcking another poster – however done – has ALWAYS been against the rules and has been either deleted or sanction issued (depending on a variety of factors)

No, sorry.

Are posts in this thread being deleted already? lol

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Couple of posts deleted by the one that made them :smiley:
but none by me

You’re not seriously taking the position that the moderating on this forum has not changed drastically from how the old forum was moderating?

I just saw a post deleted before my eyes. Why?

Was that forumer notified why it was deleted?

I have never had an explanation for any deleted post. Some days, I have none deleted. Other days, I have six deleted suddenly, with no explanation. Today, I had a post disappear without notification. Then I’ll go three days with no posts deleted.

What happened? I suddenly lost control for six posts in a row?

It feels arbitrary.

Honestly, I’m surprised.

We had a sticky up with the “basics” but people were complaining they weren’t being enforced and/or things not on the “basics” being deleted.

This new forum doesn’t show post deletion, it’s just the way the software was written.

Not much has changed. No attacking other posters. Still have Hannity’s protected people. You can disagree with what Hannity says, but not attack him (or friends) personally. No filter bypasses, Need to have OP’s with something to discuss (no putting just a link and a title).

Maybe you don’t see it, because it has evolved over time. I don’t know. But for me, who left the forum for months and searched out this forum last month, it is totally, completely different.

The norms of the old forum are gone.

I looked around. I saw lots of familiar faces. That’s what made me sign up again. Then I noticed over time that many, many, many forumers were missing. I wondered why at the time.

I don’t wonder why anymore.

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Moderating has swung back and forth over the years. It loosens up, people take advantage and it swings back to the more enforcement side.

Someone who made a couple of posts in thread deleted their own posts.

Since they deleted their own posts . . . yes :smiley:

I was around starting in 2007. I have been in and out for years. Whatever is happening is not good. I had a post deleted last week from May. I have no idea why. It seems like so many people are being put on TO or banned or having their posts deleted. Keep it up and it’s going to be a ghost town. Traffic here is noticeably down from a few months ago.


Now I just assume that I’ll get banned in a couple of days for this conversation.

Too much arbitrariness.

I’ll check out this forum every once in a while, I’ll post here and there, but at this point, I’ll just go back to what I was doing instead.

I don’t know what the rules are. They certainly aren’t the rules that I read yesterday.

I wish everybody well.

Good luck with whatever the Hannity forums have become.