What's Your Vision for the Country?

We have a conflict of visions, of that there is no doubt. So let’s discuss visions.

We will try something a bit different with this one: semi-moderated. Meaning, if you run down the same old rabbit holes, we will delete your posts without the usual warnings.

No Trump. No Biden. No BLM. No white supremacy.

Your vision for the ideal, but feasible, United States. Say things that are feasible in the next 25 years.

I will babysit this thread to make sure we stay on track.

No attacking the poster, none.
Be civil.
Explain how your vision benefits the country. Don’t forget to address the negatives as well as the positives.

You don’t have to lay it all out at once. You can lay it out a piece at a time.

Who’s game?

Some common themes:

  • Healthcare
  • Legalize Weed
  • Education needs over haul

My most unpopular vision:

Decriminalize and deregulate all known drugs (natural and synthetic) and alcohol.

We either have rights to our own bodies or we don’t.


Great start.

I have a vision of a completely different healthcare system. It has become patently obvious to me over the past few years that what we had/have does not meet our needs.

I would like to see some sort of single payer system. But it has to address quality of service and government bureaucracy, not turn us into cattle.

ETA: Tying healthcare to the employer/work doesn’t work for me anymore. It’s too complicated and we are too transient now.


Is that your vision?

You said nothing about not riffing off of other posts…Nothing in my post violated the parameters you established

With over 30 trillion dollars “lost” by the Fed, HUD, and DOD since 9/11, it’s become clear to me that we do in fact have enough money for all the social programs out there, plus a bigger defense budget.

There is no excuse for this country hosting people as poor as those found in Appalachia.

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I don’t think so big in terms of vision or goals for our country.

I am spoiled by where we are in the USA and think the traditional liberties are pretty good.

One thing I would like to see is the sticks and stones standard synchronized with the First Amendment like I remember it was at one time.

To me it acts as a safety valve to voice what could lead to greater division.

I see college campus cancel culture only tolerating certain voices and this begs for trouble.

Let it all air out. Mock and cry and yell if you must…Just don’t silence or resort to physical altercation.

With this in place we can work out the rest.

This would be my contribution and vision of better days ahead.



I have a vision for this country with regards to law enforcement; the Constitution is followed first and foremost. No more work arounds. No more “reasonable suspicion”.

Somebody a while back, might have been @tzu mentioned “on call services” or words to that effect in suburbs. That really stuck with me.

Health care needs work.

If government MUST run it. Let us have the states do it and not the feds.

Smaller resource states could form compacts.

I am not enamored with a one size fits all federal system.


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You posted a link and said “Have you seen this?”

Lay yours out, include your reasoning, then you can “riff” in the same post.

I have a vision for this thread. It’s hard to explain. Don’t take it personally. If you want to fix it, I’ll put it back.

If that was all there was in the post, I would delete it.

Fair enough, I see where you’re going (no snark intended)

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Eradicating involuntary homelessness. Even if they’re just plastic huts that snap together in painted squares on dirt fields. I believe every American should be able to get an address and a door they can lock within a week.

Cons: probably smelly, mentally ill neighbors. Pros: Still better than some housemates.

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Off the top of my head?

  • Education considered a matter of national security, and funded as such
  • Complete decriminalization of marijuana
  • Heavier emphasis on social programs, less on defense spending
  • I would happily adopt @SneakySFDude’s vision of healthcare:
  • Rational, responsible regulation of business and industry that protects both public health and natural resources (think Roosevelt)
  • Flat tax; elimination of all loopholes
  • America as a leading, responsible member of the wider global community
  • A better balance between individualism and communalism in American society (We have drifted too far to the “I’m gonna get mine, screw everyone else” mentality.)
  • Religion respected in society but the strict enforcement of a non-political agenda if tax-exempt status is to be preserved
  • Civility, community, and personal responsibility taught early and reinforced throughout a citizen’s lifetime
  • The de-emphasis on sports/media/entertainment complex celebrity, and in its place the elevation of scientists, engineers, and teachers

You asked for vision, so don’t ask me how any of this is achieved in the current zeitgeist. Partisan rancor has destroyed much of my optimism for enough of us to find common ground to move forward on any of it.

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How do you address mobility across states and the differences in resources state to state?

  1. Health insurance for all citizens via private insurance. Subsidize all who can’t afford it.
  2. 1,000 a month guaranteed income for all citizens
  3. More population via birth (increase tax deductions for children) and legal immigrations
  4. 20$ an hour minimum wage.
  5. Affordable housing for all citizens via housing subsidies.
  6. Elimination of coal based energy sources


During this pandemic, I’m starting to recognize a pattern with the way conservatives and liberals speak both about and to each other. And in connection with that, I’m starting to worry that the hate and vitriol used in language online is normalizing bad behavior pathways in our brain offline. My vision for America is one where each party can shake off this deeply ingrained defensive mechanism of the ego to project ones short comings unto others, pointing the finger and sticking each others nose in a pile of crap on the floor of a house with rotting walls and cracking foundation. Take a step back from the illusionary online persona of oneself and focus on internal and meaningful growth. If we came together to debate the correct path forward, I would hope one day we can shed the preconceived notions about the other side and agree that on a fundamental level we love this country.

But as it stands, right now I don’t get the feeling that either party believes the lives of the opposing party matter, because we are so polarized into looking past the fact that we are Americans first.


How do you determine “involuntary”?


Wow…I actually agree with this. LOL

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