What's your favorite vaccine conspiracy theory?

I have a few. Here’s my favorite. That Bill Gates is in cahoots with big Pharma to put microchips in the vaccine to track people.

Ok, so here’s your reality check.

Before the vaccine vials are filled, the liquid must pass through two .2 micron filters. Sorry, but there ain’t no microchip getting passed that. And if it did? Each vial contains 10 doses. So when the nurse inserts the needle into the vial, how does she verify that she captured one and ONLY one microchip?

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Here’s mine:

This “scientist”, Andrew Wakefield, had been discredited in the U K and is not licensed to practice in the U S,

but many still buy into his nonsense blaming the MMR for autism.

I don’t understand the hate for Bill Gates. My cousin hates him now for all these conspiracies. Bill Gates donates so much of his wealth for the good of people. I don’t know how people can hate the guy.

PR is expensive.

Same. I think he does care about people.

My second one is: “This was rushed! Short cuts were taken!”

Yet nobody can list a single part of the process that was abbreviated. Because it’s all a bunch of lame assed assumptions.

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I can’t say 100% that there are no link with vaccine and Autism. I’m not a doctor. But I don’t believe there is a link. I hope one day we find a cure.

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can’t shoot vaccine with free needles

When he was making his money he was a real dick.

His wife softened him…plus that thing that happens to many super wealthy people as they get older- holding on to their obscene wealth starts to make them look impolite.

The government forcing my company to fire me is going to prevent anyone that works there from getting Covid or giving Covid.

That one is my favorite, too.

My second favorite is the one about them putting the vaccine in salad dressing.

People have gone absolutely nuts.

Funny a lot of these hypocrites were quiet as mice when AIDS drug AZT arrived in less time than it takes to approve drugs for many other conditions:

If the stage bypassed to get COVID-19 vaccination out was animal testing, I’m opposed to that, anyway.

A number of things can produce the neurological effects that cause the symptoms associated with ASD. Neonatal stress, gut microbiome, mainly (which is affected by neonatal/maternal stress). That’s why there is a high comorbidity between ASD and IBD/Crohn’s. The perceived association between ASD and vaccines might not be genetic modification (at least directly- stress can influence epigenetic markers like acetylation and butinylation) but rather, the tripping of an autoimmune disease due to too much immune system stimulation and it never returning to a “baseline” (therefore, the overdrive of the immune system becomes its new normal).

I should know as I am studying this very thing for my senior paper and know more more than I would normally like to. But this stuff is interesting.