What's your favorite dessert?

Mine is either gateau Basque or French silk pie.

Are you ready to have your world blown wide open?

Prune cake with cream cheese frosting.

If you stopped reading that last sentence at “prune,” then shame on you, because it is fantastic.

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Sounds like an off brand larabar or something

Oh, that’s low.

Low comment for a trash dessert

Pouding chômeur and Nanaimo Bar

After my dessert, I’m regular. So it is doubly pleasing.

I bet your desserts bunch you up.

Liberal tears.

I have a sophisticated palate so I don’t have one favorite. I do like: profiterols, pot au feu, peach cobbler, strawberry short cake, German chocolate cake, various gelato, anything served with a high-quality ganache.


Blackberry or boysenberry pie and/or cheesecake probably. Vanilla ice-cream with the former.

Pot au feu aka fancy beef stew.

Wow be more American and boring

If America has done one thing its master the pie, so many good version of it.

Millionaires short bread

You people are making me feel like a hillbilly.

A 10 step pie is about as good as you get, any type.

Oops. Meant to type pot au creme.

I’ll just pound uncooked cookie dough and chase it with coffee until the Price Is Right comes on.

10 step is pulled from “10 step hash”, if you know what that is.

one weird Canadian dessert is pouring maple syrup on snow.