What's you favorite conspiracy theory?

By favorite, I mean which one is the most ridicules. I have several. My most recent is the one promoted by Colin Kaepernick and Nike.

The secret plan by law enforcement and the military to invade foreign countries and our own inner cities with the intent to terminate as many “brown people” as possible. The man is looney tunes. As is the company who backs his deranged ideas.

I’ve never heard of this one.

Now you have. :smirk:

Law enforcement and the CIA planting drugs in black communities is heavy documented…

How long ago was that? Kaepernick isn’t talking about 50 years ago, he’s talking right now. With large numbers of law enforcement and the federal government being “brown people” why would they do that to their own?

It still occurs to this very day.

My favorite is the City on Mars at Cydonia.

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I am not claiming that there are no longer any bad or corrupt people left in the world. I am claiming that there is no conspiracy to terminate “brown people” as Colin claims.

Are you not going to offer your favorite conspiracy theory?

Birds aren’t real.

That one is my favorite

I’m thinking about my favorite conspiracy, but at the same time thinking about the folly to participate in the 4001st Kaepernick bashing thread. I’ll get back to you.

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Okay. Thanks for playing!

Tell me this is a joke. If not, please explain. I’m intrigued.

That’s a good one. The face on Mars isn’t bad either.

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My favorite is that Donnie was trying to root out corruption when he asked Ukraine to do us a favor. Lol so goofy.


9/11 being a cover up is fairly entertaining, in the sense of how it has popularized and both taken seriously and poked fun at. Like the South Park episode about it. And the video of a man showing how you don’t literally need to melt a steel beam in order for its structure integrity to fail.

I like that every concept about him is a hilarious conspiracy. His wealth. His bigly brain. The size of his…whatever.

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Former President Obama being born in Kenya promoted by current President Trump. A timeless classic.

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So that dove that Noah was reported to have released was a government drone? The Indians plucked Eagle feathers off of government drones? Goooood lord. :crazy_face:

Yeah, I can imagine George Bush walking into a meeting of the joint chiefs of staff saying: “Hey guys! We’re gonna fly some planes into the world trade center in an attempt to incinerate 10,000 people. Then we’re gonna fly one into your office, while you’re in it. You may survive but we will probably kill your administrative assistant and much of your staff. And Osama bin Laden has already agreed to take the blame!” Who’s in!