Whats up with Obamacare?

What’s the plan with Obamacare? Are we still going to repeal it? How in the world did the economy get soooooo roaring and god like if Obamacare is still being rammed down our throats??

It sucks.

'Bama sucks.

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Bama is going to win the title this year, again. Saban has created a dynasty. Is the economy roaring in spite of the PPACA?

Right. We would have 20% GDP if it wasnt for obamamacare


We’re still waiting on Trump’s yuuuugely awesome healthcare plan that will cover everyone and will be rolled out on day 1 of his administration.

Just like the OP question…if it sucks why is the economy still booming???

it’s a handout to the undesirables. Kenyan Marxism.

Farmers bailouts…

57 state muslim.

Trump is getting ready to replace it with the United States Healthcare Plan (he likes simple titles). Basically Medicaid/Medicare for all, but he came up with the name.

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'bama sucks.

Still editing responses I see…

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I’d prefer the government get out of healthcare and stick to what it does best. Breaking things and killing people.

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Love affairs with dictators…

Just responding to the pertinent parts.

'bama sucks.

It can do that with a poorly managed healthcare system.

As we are seeing with 'bambamcare.

Let me clarify then. Killing citizens of other countries.

Napalm sticks to kids and 'bama sucks.

That’s changing the narrative and not offering any valid points or facts to the discussion…
oh your a trumper… nevermind

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'bama sucks.

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Both Bush’s and Reagan killed citizens in other countries…what’s your point???