What's Trump Iran Policy?

Now that Democrats are war mongerers and want to be the policemen of the world, will Trump not intervene in Iran?

I predict he’ll become best buds with Supreme Leader and he will start telling us what a great guy and fantastic leader he is.

Trumplicans will cheer the great new relationship we will now have with Iran.

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The Triangle of Tingles will be Russia, North Korea, and Iran.

Trump’s formal policy will be whatever the last person to visit the Oval Office tells him it is.

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His Iran policy?? Well it’s…

Iran a corrupt campaign
Iran my wife and kids
Iran the respect of the presidency into the ground
Iran from criminal acts my whole life and now it’s my time
Iran my small hands through the hair of a pornstar while married

Anyway, he doesn’t have a Iran policy… it is literally “Undo Obama stuff, Redo as Trump Stuff”



Be patient and let the youth of Iran overthrow the government that keeps them oppressed.

What is Trump’s policy on Iran? Whatever Putin tells him it should be. Pretty simple.