What's the point of attacking the voter?

Brought to you by the party of I love lib tears.

White male libs are destroying the country.

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I don’t, they (liberals) just do. Denying it is pathetic.

Neither me nor my friends hate him so no they dont.

Are you friends with all liberals? Do you speak for all liberals?

Why not? You claim to know what all liberals think.

That’s because they are always telling us what they think. In this case, except for Mob, they hate Trump. :stuck_out_tongue:

You are a perfect Trump supporter.

I only hate one person and that as is my 4th grad Bully Scott Tenorman.

Why? Because I know that libs hate him? By that reasoning, everyone (except maybe Mob) is a Trump supporter. :stuck_out_tongue:

You claim to know about all libs while calling out others who do the same.

Come on, it’s not like libs (excepting Mob) try to hide their hatred for Trump.

Who did I call out? About what?

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Read your own responses to this thread.:wink:

Again … who have I called out? Post the quote.

Libs. In this very thread…read 'em and weep.

When? Which lib? Where is the quote?


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Peer pressure. Ever gone into a restaurant and eaten alone at a table? It’s uncomfortable because humans like to be part of a group. It’s why advertising agencies use movie stars to sell things that don’t work, and we all put our money on the table to buy the crap. It’s why magazines put out the latest fashion and no matter how uncomfortable those shoes are, we women rush to the stores to get them. It’s why parents were literally getting into fist fights in stores to get a Tickle-Me-Elmo, the years top Christmas gift for children that year. When you attack the voters, or tell people they’re not part of the group, they typically change their position and their vote. However, there is an exception to the rule and even peer pressure can be overplayed and when it is, it backfires. And the voters have reached that point where they don’t care what anyone calls them or thinks of them, they’re going to do what’s right for the country. We’re tired of apologizing and still being terrorized, beheaded and hated. We’re tired of opening our homes and hearts and being told we don’t do enough. We’re tired of being called “rich” and told we need to do more for others, while those who tell us this are laying on beaches in the Cannes. And we’re tired of Hollywood mocking and snickering at our faith, family values, work ethic and loyalty. So yes, mocking the voters has worked in the past, and peer pressure will continue to work on some (see people dressing in public as genitalia for reference) but it’s not working on the majority any more.

I must not be human. Reckon what I am?

A lawyer? :thinking:

Well yeah, oh I get it! Good one!

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