What's the difference?

I do apologize if this has already been answered on here, but what is the difference between just editing your own post, or using the wiki/wrench edit to edit a post?

One takes more steps.

And you run the risk of leaving the wiki open. Which isn’t really a danger because if anybody else does it they can get in trouble. But it does take more time and it’s a pain in the butt compared to the other way. I stopped using the wiki.

And edits can be made by others on accidents, as the edit button is where you normally click on reply.
@carpe_diem just edit as normal, it will save everyone a lot of grief.

So…Serious question. From a strategic point would it be fine on here to intentionally do a wiki edit?

That way, someone on the opposing ideology of me, has the chance to edit my post, and if they do, then they will be put in time out for awhile. :smirk:

No. I’m looking into removing the wiki option, have been since an incident last week. Hopefully it will be gone soon.

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ok. I’ll just do what Snow said and stick to regular editing.

There is an option to remove the wiki edit.

ETA: looks like you got it.

ETAA: Did you set post edits to have no time limit on when the poster can edit, thus negating the need for the wiki at all?

I messaged the dude a few days ago. T’will be forthwith.

I can check on that.

If you did that intentionally to try and get someone on a time out . . . . your’s would be twice as long.

Thanks. That wiki thing never really made sense in the first place. I’m assuming that was the only option at the time. Glad to see another one and also that you’re getting rid of the wiki.

Well, I’m not ganna do it now, but before I said anything how would anyone ever know the difference?

If not me, but anyone else on here used the wiki, but only used it with the intent that I was talking about, for their opponents to possibly slip up, how would anyone ever know?

Because someone is simply using the wiki, but it’s up to other people to edit their post or not. The person using the wiki, doesn’t have any control over if someone decides to edit their post or not, at least if they leave it open.

I’m only using the edit, and will continue to do so.