What's the dems solution to the trade deficit?

I know they are good at throwing stones, but what would they do as a solution? There was a big "fair’ trade movement from the left a couple of years ago, but that seems to have gone away since Trumps wants fair trade. So, what are the dems running on this cycle?

I am not a dem but I will answer your question if you can tell me what are the US export strengths.

Or areas where they have trade surpluses.

If you could answer, it you would… And you’ll be voting dem too.

Aside from jobs and money?

Crude oil

Top 3

Why do you think there needs to be a big government solution to every problem?

China supplies the US with things they can make for cheaper because of cheaper labor there. Unless the US decides to drastically lower what US laborers earn, there is no “solution” to the trade deficit.

The answer is for the US to continue to diversify into areas that are hard to duplicate with cheap labor.

There is always a big government solution to any and all problems. Sometimes the best solution is when they stay the ■■■■ out of the way.

The 21st century version of slavery.

Serious question for the OP: why is a trade deficit a bad thing?

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I’m not sure trade deficits are inherently bad.

Regarding trade deficits, my college econ professor said, “Would you rather be the guy who sews expensive shirts or the guy who buys expensive shirts?”

You beat me to it.

For goods yes. So instead of worrying about the ones you fall behind on strengthen and grow the ones you excel at.

You guys run a surplus on services.

It is the people with vision who invent and look to the future that will fix the trade balance. Going backwards with tariffs will only harm everything.

So, you would need a nimble fast moving market unhindered by too many regs… Or are you suggesting a govt study?

So, people become wealthier over time, not poorer. That’s why China and most countries protect their markets.

Service jobs pay ■■■■. that’s why there’s a push to increase min wage. If more people had skills that’d would get them jobs paying more than the minimum, no one would be agitating about raising min wage.

Also, I dont see any campaigning to raise the wages for those making 2x min. Will those jobs still pay the same? If so, then you’ve just cut wages for millions of people.

That’s a very simplistic answer that does not match reality.

In your personal finances and work, do you have a trade deficit with anyone? Why?

Do you know what service is as for trade?

The money Hollywood brings in.

The money paid for intellectual property rights.

If someone in the US develops a technique to cure cancer and I go there that is service.

Financial services.

Now do these pay crap?

Who says we are becoming poorer over time because of the trade deficit? We’ve had a deficit for some time and only get wealthier and wealthier.

You don’t like the answer is all. But I answered it. Now you try.

Why do other countries protect their markets?