What's the Democrat endgame plan?

So is duckduckgo. Searches are being regulated to predetermine what information you’ll find available using different queries.

Does it matter?

When it comes to getting money people don’t care.

Better ask those affected in clay county, Kentucky to give back those stimulus checks. They don’t know what is in the stimulus bill.


…and that explains the 75%.

How many care?

Only care about the free cash. Personally I would feel like a dirtbag taking it if covid didn’t hurt my income. Apparently not many others feel that way.

They got the last Presidential election right

The final bill they passed didn’t look all that bad. Looks like they cleaned it up quite a bit, or I can’t find where they hid it.

Of course it’s still got pork, but not horrible.

Considering there’s $1T from the last bill that still hasn’t been spent, it seems high.

But it has to horrible. It was passed by the socialists.

It’s good law.


You can find things that lib friendly google will never allow to be seen anyway.

1.9 trillion is $5757 per American citizen.

For every $1400 in your pocket, that’s $4357 greasing someone else’s.

Try not to spend it all on fueling up your car. lol

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I’d rather have $5,757 please.

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Oh, same here. I have a family of 5. :rofl:

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Absolute crap law, no reason we should be cutting a check to people that haven’t lost their jobs. Same goes for businesses. My brothers wife owns a spa, revenue was down 110k, government gave her 230k before this round of stimulus. She is already worth millions.

I always love the “Today’s right wing message isn’t resonating with more and more people, therefore it’s because of a government/media plot to silence it” argument.

It’s a really good defensive shield for those who don’t like their worldview to be challenged.

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Like I said:


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I googled on this and couldn’t find anything like that.

Will writing checks to prison inmates and federal employees receiving $21,000.00 payments stimulate the economy?

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From what I see the Democratic Party is nothing more than a shell to push ideology from China and the CIA.

For now China and the CIA are allies since the both bitterly oppose Trump and his supporters. The question is what happens if they successfully complete the establishment of a one-party dictatorship that removes any real opposition and ends civil rights.

Will the CIA and China have a falling out similar to what happened between China and the Soviets in the 1960s?

Or will China achieve its goal of world domination with the CIA acting as its lapdog?