What's The Big Deal?

I feel like a good summary has been lost in the latest news:

  1. Trump, after hearing the news about Cohen claimed that there was a good chance he wouldn’t win (silly polls) and therefore knowingly continued business negotiations with Russia, even though he has denied them during the campaign.

  2. Trump and supporters say that it was legal. Democrats want to see tax returns to see the precise nature and time frame of these business actions.

  3. Buzzfeed FBI sources say that some Russian individuals negotiating with the Trump Org were directly tied to Russian meddling efforts

So, we can say for sure there was behind the scenes business contacts and deal making between Russian oligarchs and the Trump Organization, during his campaign for Presidency.

So, what’s the big deal? Literally. What deal did Russian oligarchs and the Trump Organization agree to? The answer to this will answer whether or not their was collusion in the election meddling.

Mueller is getting close…

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