What's really good for you the American People?

The Democrats say that they want to help minorities such as Women, African Americans, Hispanics, Gay People, and others. But at the end of the day if they actually lived up to everything that they said that they would do for all of these groups/people, what left would they have to run on? You see, the Democrats don’t want to help these groups and live up to what they say they will do for them. Why? Simple, because if they did, they wouldn’t have anything to whine about, or complain about, or preach about, or yell about towards Republicans/Conservatives. Think about it?

The Democrats real problem in their “help minorities” strategy is that the Republicans get to run on “help majorities” strategy, which is ultimately the winning strategy because there’s more potential voters in the majority than there is in the minority. You can’t argue with math.

Honestly though, we should support policies which help everyone. When your policies only benefit a small group of people, then maybe you should ask yourself why that is.

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You’re exactly right! lol. Millions upon millions of illegal immigrants coming in over(every so many couple of years) the past 40+ years will easily make Illegal immigrants the minority in this country. I think we should go check on what liberal Democrat statistical poll show us about who is in the minority and the majority?
lmao! Why do you think that Spanish is the second most spoken language in the U.S. lately?
it’s because sooner than later, it will be the first! And long after Illegals, and the Democrats allow the minorities become the majority, they will still preach and whine, and still come out with polls about how the white devil man is still the majority in the country, or at least politics wise! lol. and their stupid followers will believe them! That’s the worst part! lol