What's next for the deranged democrats?

I’m guessing that Senate will make quick work of impeachment and in a month or two it will be in the rear view mirror. So the Russia hoax will be dead. The Ukraine hoax will be history. The dems have tried crying racism every day, which got them nowhere. Sexism also went kaput. They tried to inspire a recession but their efforts failed. So what do you think they will do next? Give up their hatred and get to work on real issues? Or come up with some other lame assed reason to impeach and start the whole process over again?

Your thoughts?

Improvise, adapt, overcome.

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Declare Marshall Law and install Malia Obama as our new Supreme Overlord!


Very descriptive words. But standing alone they mean nothing. So I guess you are saying you are not going to offer an opinion?

Are you too embarrassed by your parties constant failures to offer a real prediction? I will say, I don’t blame you. Try this then. What do you want them to do next?

When you say get to work on real issues. The Democrats in Congress negotiated changes with the Trump Administration that will allow the revised NAFTA to be adopted last week. The House last week passed a bill to allow federal health insurance programs to negotiate prices for a large group of prescription drugs… which was a campaign promise Donald Trump ran on… though apparently Trump no longer supports this.

Aren’t those examples of getting down to real issues? How about McConnell and the Senate taking up the scores of bills the House has already passed? What real issues have not yet been addressed that are high on your agenda?

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So you are predicting that the dems will focus on issues and will be done with their Trump removal efforts?

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What issues is the GOP focused on?

I will be happy to offer an answer. You have my word on it. But first you must respect the topic and answer the original question. Fair enough?

Someone already answered, but you deflected as one would expect.

His point is that they are already working on issues (or trying to) as the impeachment inquiry rolls on.

So you are predicting that the dems will focus on issues and will be done with their Trump removal efforts?

Maybe this?

I’m predicting they will do what they are already doing - trying to get bills passed, working on issues, and continuing to investigate Donald so long as there are issues worthy of investigation.

I believe that after the Republican Senate performs its whitewash, what you are terming “Trump removal efforts” will go into high gear. This effort is also known as the Presidential election of 2020. They will be complimented by a strong effort to flip the Senate to the Democrats, based in part on how Republican Senators voted on the impeachment and in part on attitudes towards Moscow Mitch’s Senate leadership.

I am not predicting the outcome; just the effort.

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I think if they rush it through they might get another impeachment in before Nov.


Of course. I agree with you. Investigations will rule. Because the democrats never tire of getting their asses kicked. :cowboy_hat_face:

Maybe they will settle down and instead of running a mud slinging campaign they will make the 2020 campaign issue driven over the type of economy and foreign policy we want for the future.

Just kidding.

Or maybe this…

Yeah sure. They want to go into a debate and explain how badly Trump has damaged their country with his record breaking stock market and unemployment schemes?

No thanks! I’ll think they will stick to impeachment and whiff again.