What's happening in Florida regarding late vote counts is happening in Arizona

This is a disgrace and needs to stop. Amazing how most of the new votes are for Democrappes!!!

You’ll fit right in.

Lawsuits need to be filed and the people involved with voting tampering need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Our biggest voting violators is not the Russians it’s the Dem’s.

Good news for you then. Rick Scott has filed suits against Broward and Palm Beach county. As well as ordered FDLE to investigate.

Looks like they found few trunk loads of ballots in Broward County…something like 78 thousand?

More in Palm Beach country? That place hasn’t change since I was there decades ago.

This is something that started back when Gore lost to Bush and at the time I walked the liberal line and, hanging my head in shame now, I actually voted for Gore so I was more amused (liberalism makes the brain limp) then thoughtful or concerned about what kind of damaging precedent it would set in future voting. Its a tactic of the left that I once was gullible enough to fall for, not any more that’s for damned sure. It’s got to STOP!!

Marco Rubio made a good point when he said that Panama City was hit by a category 4 hurricane a month ago and they managed to get their votes in on time with no problems so what the heck is wrong with Broward County and Palm Beach!!