What's going on with the Drudge report?

It used to be a pretty solid source of news. Now they have gone full tabloid. Full of panicky headlines, hyperbole and “we’re all gonna die!” crap. And this started before Covid. It’s almost become unreadable. Anybody else notice this?

It’s always been unreadable tabloid ■■■■■■■■■ I’m glad I’ve never wasted time on it.

Where do you go to get an alternative view? What’s your favorite conservative source?

Radio. Rush and Sean, plus my local con radio. I can listen while getting stuff done.

And…here I am.


I will say that Drudge has gone off the edge in recent years.

It USED to be a decent news aggregator site, albeit with a conservative focus.

But now it has gone to crap. I rarely bother with it anymore.

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Fair enough. :+1:

Yep. It’s become a fear and panic site. Who needs it?

I have.

Drudge has become the equivalent of the Trashcan Man in Stephen King’s book “The Stand”

Drudge isn’t a source. It’s an aggregator.

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I had read some time back, they sold or changed hands in some way or did an advertising change. You could see the distinct difference in what they aggregated.

Are you correcting me? How cute! There’s one in every crowd :roll_eyes:

I had read somewhere that the Drudge Report was sold last year. It was among the first and best news aggregators, that caught the wave of the Clinton scandals and became the go-to site for links to the top news outlets and columnists. But I have noticed a very tabloid-y trend in the past several months, and a more obvious anti-Trump bias in the headline articles.

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Drudge lost it years ago…that and rejected the people that had supported him over the years.

Oh…here is good link to replace Drudge bookmark with.


Ahhh. After John Solomon got canned from The Hill this is his new venture.


I get it…libs doesn’t own John Solomon and thus don’t like him.

And he left to start his own media news source.

If you notice his career arc, it’s been on a long downward spiral for some time.

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Right…seems to be he’s was correct on FBI abuse.

Oh wait…that’s it isn’t it lib?

Yeah, it has gotten worse. It get my news from breitart, so much better.

No, he wasn’t correct. He’s a reliable conduit for Russian disinformation though. The guy is a scribe for Rudy’s goons amongst other things.