What's for Dinner?


Love the cast iron skillet tip. I would imagine I could do the same on my grill. I have found a lot of people don’t know how important letting the steak “rest” is. Nor never turning the steak multiple times. God forbid, squashing it while it is cooking.

I use a Memphis pellet grill. I can use mesquite pellets (or an number of specialty pellets). Never had anything taste better than off of that grill.


I’ve thought about it. Plus, Plantain. I’ve been working for 6 years on an Avocado tree. Planted another one a couple of years ago to help cross pollinate… But after last year’s hurricane, the flooding killed it.

The banana’s here don’t look like what you buy in a grocery store. They are kind of small and fat. But really a nice looking tree. It is my understanding that a real, honest to God banana tastes nothing like you buy at the grocery store.


after trying my steaks like this i dont ever grill them anymore… I learned this tip from tip love who owns several steakhouses in texas


Same for say Rib eyes and tenderloins?


ive done ribeyes this way. never done a tenderloin like this but i dont see why it wouldnt work.


tonight im making my world famous 3 chili chili


Can you post the recipe here?


its on my recipe blog


No offense intended, but there are a lot of great recipes on the internet. I was hoping for a more interactive thread?


2 lbs ground beef
2 15 oz cans black beans
1 onion diced
3 cloves garlic minced
3 poblano chiles either fresh or reconstituted if dried,seeded
3 anaheim chiles either fresh or reconstituted if dried,seeded
3 canned chipoltes in adobe
12 oz beer
28 oz can crushed tomatoes
6 oz can tomato paste
1 cup beef broth
1 tsp cumin
1 tsp sweet paprika
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp oregano
1 Tbsp oil

in a dutch oven heat the oil until hot. add the onion and saute 5-7 minutes until soft. add teh garlic and saute 1 more minute
add the ground beef and lightly brown.
while the beef is browning puree the chiles in a food precessor. add the beer and process until smoth
when the beef is lightly browned add the chile mixture and stir well
add the remaining ingredients
bring to a boil,reduce heat to low medium and simmer with the lid off for 90 minutes.
serve with oyster crackers and shredded cheese

If you want to try something different add 1 1/2 cups frozen corn to the chile with the other ingredients.


Sounds amazing, thank you for posting. I hope you will post a picture as well when getting ready to serve!

I have a several generation old recipe for Hungarian Goulash given to me by a friend. I wonder about the spices, such as Paprika. How old are they by the time you buy them in the grocery store and what impact do they have on the actual flavor of the recipe if not fresh?


if the spices are old they just lose potency but are still usable. you may just need more.
paprika is one spice that should last a long time 2-3 years ot least.

rather than buying the big names like mcormicks in the grocery store i like stuff from specialty spice stores like penzys online


I love real cooking, but for now, my schedule and my sleep cycle are ridonkulous.

Rather than rely on fast food or microwave meals I keep a slow cooker going. A little like the early pioneers who kept a black kettle over the fireplace adding carrots during carrot season, fish when they caught a fish etc… I have not actually made a recipe in a while.

I try to make stuff that resembles pulled bbq rather than soup but ya never know.

The last thing I “made” that turned out really really well had ham, chicken, canned pineapple and a bunch of soon-to-spoil fruit.

I served it over pasta and really truly enjoyed it. yum!


Penzys … Never heard of that. Thank you!


IMHO, as long as you are cooking something without additives you cannot pronounce, you are ahead of the game. Plus, it is less expensive.

In stews or whatnot, I really try to add bones. The marrow is really good for you and adds flavor.


I cannot recommend Penzeys highly enough if you are interested in trying truly fresh and high quality spices. Not that expensive, either. They have a store near me but I usually just order online. When my mom comes to visit she likes for us to go to the store, so I go then.


Don’t have one near me (that I know of), never heard of it before Moonshine posted.

What a great new business that could be in my area! Holy cow. Imagine bins filled with locally grown fresh herbs and spices and Penzeys on the shelves as well. :open_mouth:


It was their Galena Street Rub that I used on the salmon last night. I have been loving that stuff lately. So good.


i like their bavarian and cajun mixes


I love their Cajun mix too. I’ve made my own in the past, but that was never as good as theirs. Never tried the Bavarian. That sounds interesting.