All of us, wait, most of us, wait, the majority of us, wait, some of us agree, that anything that resembles, in any way, a lynching is inexcusable today. All of us, wait, most of us, wait, the majority of us, wait, some of us agree, that nobody should live in fear. And then again, all, most, the majority, some of us agree, that Black Lives Matter. It is my belief that all of us believe Black Lives Matter, but I am messaged that this is definitely not true, because of racism, systemic racism. Maybe some, or most, or all of the movement believes, that blacks are unjustifiably targeted for death in a systemic way.

Some of us believe that cancer is a horrible disease, maybe even most of us believe that, possibly the vast majority believe that. Certainly, we cannot say all, as some people have never been afflicted by cancer. If you have never been to an oncologist, how could you know that cancer is a horrible disease?

#STOPLUNGCANCER. Lung cancer is about fifteen percent of cancer cases. Can you imagine IF we instead focused on #STOPCANCER? Stop cancer would include prostate cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, bladder cancer, and so many other cancers. It would be like saying # EQUALJUSTICEFORALL.

IF we stopped cancer, we would also stop lung cancer. However, if we only target lung cancer the majority of cancer will continue. If indeed black lives are targeted, other lives will still be subjugated. Everybody knows this, yes everybody. Given this truth, we must then ask, what is the objective of the BLM movement. #WHATDOYOUWANT?

Have we heard that white culture is the target of BLM? Are whites described as oppressors? Is white privilege a common theme? Is America a white country? Well, since we all agree, most, the majority, some anyway, that targeting individual people is wrong and discriminatory. We then progress to whatever degree of unanimity you believe is applicable, that violence against blacks is wrong. Unless of course it is by another black, then it is OK, and accepted, without protest. Most, or some, or all of the time. Anybody protesting events in Africa?

Yet, in terms of violence against blacks, police on black violence would appear to most, or some, or all, similar to neuroendocrine cancer that killed Steve Jobs. So, we are back to #WHATDOYOUWANT. How about we examine not just white culture but American culture. Is BLM an attack on American Culture, or Western Culture at large?

What are some basic tenets of American Culture? Tolerance, inclusion #the melting pot, dissent, representation, due process, property rights, bearing arms, freedom of assembly, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech, to name but a few obvious pillars of our culture. Freedom of speech assumes freedom of thought. Now we must ask ourselves, Does BLM support tolerance, inclusion, dissent, due process and other basic tenets of our white culture? Or do the defile the basic tenets of liberty and human growth? Who promotes censorship?

If you lived in the Soviet Union were you free? If you lived under Mao were you free? Have any of the great socialist movements in history promoted any of the tenets of white culture? Do the Muslims being incarcerated in China have human rights? Or, is socialism uniform, or mostly uniform, or partly uniform slavery? If you are not free, then what are you but a slave? Free your mind and the rest will follow.

The attack on our culture requires you to stop thinking and simply react. Once your mind is captured and you are taught not to dissent, freedom becomes irrelevant. #BLACKLIVESMATTER promotes a narrative that matters, but what lies underneath the message is invisible to the unwitting idiots on the street. #YOUDONTGETIT while you play the fool thinking the movement is about Black Lives. BLM has no interest in justice for anyone, they simply want obedience. As do all those in history that have sought power. #WHATDOTHEYWANT.

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To whom?

to those that follow them.

And who are they?

those that suffer from white guilt, but then you may be asking who are the puppet masters.

An ground-up, decentralized effort to end disequitable policing - and the abuse of power that flows from it - is really about creating a competing hierarchy that is so well-organized and deeply financed as to be able to enforce obedience in the near future?

To what end?

Are you suggesting that dismantling white supremacy can only lead to a new black supremacy?

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no, I am suggesting that our cultural pillars avoid a supremacy and BLM wants to create one.

Okay. Who are they?

White people are on the bottom of the totem pole. There are no white people in the Bible. Jesus said to put the needs of others before our own. The people that serve, that are slaves to others are the greatest among all. And, the first will be last.

Did you catch that Nancy?

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Where is this white “supremacy”?

BLM fairytale that children of the corn believe

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The FBI has elevated its assessment of the threat posed by racially-motivated violent extremists in the U.S. to a “national threat priority” for fiscal year 2020, FBI director Christopher Wray said Wednesday. He said the FBI is placing the risk of violence from such groups “on the same footing” as threats posed to the country by foreign terrorist organizations such as ISIS and its sympathizers.

“Not only is the terror threat diverse — it’s unrelenting,” Wray said at an oversight hearing before the House Judiciary Committee.

Racially or ethnically motivated violent extremists, or domestic terrorists motivated by racial or religious hatred, make up a “huge chunk” of the FBI’s domestic terrorism investigations, Wray said in statements before the Senate Homeland Security Committee last November. The majority of those attacks are “fueled by some type of white supremacy,” he said.

Famed BLM General, Christopher Wray nods in approval at your post.

Because slavey, Jim Crow and the carceral state didn’t result in a two tier system with whites in power and blacks as the oppressed class?

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I see that you stand form in your convictions #YOUDONTGETIT

Lol they’d very much like to stop being abused by the police please and thank you.

Look at how they behave on camera, knowing they’re being recorded. How do you think they behave off camera or did in the era before it was even a possibility.

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Structurally, everywhere. It was policy, stated national policy, for two hundred years. Now it is cumulative, and the de facto policy in most of the regions of this country. Yes, even in the northeast and California.

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I don’t think that’s what we’re discussing. I know it wasn’t my question.

Plus 2 points.

I don’t get that white supremacists exist in this nation, and are responsible for the largest chunk of investigations of domestic terrorism being investigated by the FBI? Okay champ…


Interesting. Your evidence please.