What words or phrases would you ban for 2019?


Oh, Fat Donald himself is doing plenty to put that term “president trump” into the dustbin of history.


Honestly Lou. You shouldn’t fat shame. How do you know that some of your liberal allies are not 300 pounders? There are tons (pun intended) of liberal fat folks on public assistance. Are we gonna have to ship you off to sensitivity school?


I am not fat shaming.

Donald had a medical exam. He was shown to be fat, that is medical fact, what is the shame in that?

For the record, I am also fat, no doubt about it, just ask my doctor.

That being said…

Fat Donald has called me his “enemy” which is not factually true when I have merely called him “fat” which is very much a true known fact.


Thanks. Yeah, I would much prefer Donald is bounced by voters in 2020 than by Congress in 2019. The latter is highly unlikely, and even if it happened would only divide the nation further. :sunglasses:


You are fat shaming. Sorry. Your excuses don’t add up. It’s like when someone is called the “N” word. It is an insult to millions, not just the target.


No collusion!


Not technically illegal


If Ya’ll want a chance You had better put a little more thought into who you select to run against him. Cuz last time you chose the worst candidate in the history of the democratic party. I cannot wait for the democratic debates. I hope they have a huge field this time rather than laying down for the pre-selected candidate.


You can call me the “N” word all you want.

It won’t insult anyone.

You can call me fat all you want, which I am, but it won’t shame me one bit.

It is impossible to fat shame Trump.

He knows no shame.


And according to Trumpist lore, Donald was the only deplorable on the GOP side that could beat her. :sunglasses:


I cannot. I would be booted from this forum quicker than you can say “Fat shaming.”

Not to mention the fact that conservatives find racially charged language to appalling.


Some might.


Certainly not all of them, not by any measure, nope.



Same with liberals. Not by any measure. Conservatives don’t specialize in racial division. That’s your game. And it doesn’t play s well as it used to. People tend to figure these things out.


banning speech is double plus good


That isn’t true.

Not at all.

There is no evidence I have seen that indicates “Conservatives” are any less likely to “specialize” in or on racial division tactics.

But you go ahead and live with your “conservative” fantasies.



Better be careful, I may ban you while I’m at it. So hush!


Dog Whistle
Journey - to mean anything other than a trip


Issues. Whatever happened to “problems”?

Survivor—IMO victim in reverse. Feel sorry for me because I got sick with or went through a terrible experience to survive.


I’d ban cuck and huwhite. Those words just make the speaker look brain dead.