What will trade war victory look like?

You’re an average Joe. You’ve bought into short term pain for long term gain as prices rise amidst the escalating trade war of untold duration. What will victory look like? How great your sacrifice and to what benefit?

A closed market where Americans only buy and sell to each other.

A drop nice in the trade deficit…More domestic manufacturing.

That’s it. :+1:

What does a drop in the trade deficit mean, to the “average joe”?

My beloved Japanese cars will cost more money to buy if the tariffs target the companies directly. Most of them are built in the US but there are some long term desirable models (namely the upcoming Toyota Supra and the Miata) that are built in Japan.

sure, That would mean more wealth staying in America…

After paying higher prices, would the expectation be lower prices once the war is over? Would there be any compensation for short term sacrifices?

Once tariffs are gone, what would stop the trade deficit from increasing?

I would think sime of the tariffs would have to be permanent. Otherwise American business will just outsource again.

it seems winning a trade war means reduced tariffs for American goods in foreign markets,

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That wouldn’t necessarily mean a decrease in trade deficits though.

Let’s pretend this means something.

Let’s say the trade wars reduce he number of imports into the country while keeping the exports the same (not realistic, but hey).

That would “reduce” the trade deficit.

Of what benefit is this?

maybe it means having our president bring his money back to the US.

if he has any. and if the russian mob lets him.

it would mean reciprocal trade and fair trade

How would that automatically lead to reduced trade deficits?

did I say it would? America has been transferring wealth abroad since 1947. our problems are structural and designed into the system.

So to you… what would an equitable position be to end the trade war?

equality, reciprocity, and free competition. which means removal of subsidies. as in stop giving handouts to corporate farms.

I can agree with that in principle… but like everything the devil is in the details.