What Will the Consequenses Be With No Police?

Those who want no police in their town, what will happen, no bail, no enforcement…

Riots & looting on a massive scale for sure.

War. Total shutdown of everything, including grocers, gas stations, medical.

Everyone will gun up & stay home to keep their home from looting.

A lot of death. A LOT of death.

It will look like Somalia.

When a 12 year old girl is killed in a drive by. Nobody will show up to remove her body.

Police don’t remove bodies to begin with.

Genius! Who the hell do you think is going into that neighborhood murder scene without police protection? Any ideas? :roll_eyes:

Those who want no police know exactly what will happen. They want Americans to suffer!

Vigilantes will rise to the occasion.

And once we’ve got the wild west going on, citizens will beg the police to return.

I think my town would look pretty much like it does now.

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The “wild west” is a myth.

I’m beginning to have a problem with the word “justified” in the context of police interaction with the public.

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humanity has reached a point where law enforcement is no longer necessary

it started in Minneapolis. lol

good luck idiots

chicago next

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I hope they do it. Let’s expose the brilliance of liberalism.

Ambulances can’t go into certain places until police secure the area. Without police in Minneapolis, Paramedics won’t be going into those places anymore until they figure out who secures it first.

I wonder how many Minneapolis colleges were cranking out criminal justice majors and police academy students?

Precious little thought likely went into either situation. But hey- some people may FEEL better so it must be totally worth it.


Since liberals are largely driven by emotion, your points probably never occurred to them. And if any lib mentions it, he’ll probably be beaten down.

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So what’s the difference?

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Police have done such a bang up job, right?

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Looks like democrats are following the script to the last Purge movie.

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Look on the bright side…The number of police involved shootings in Minneapolis should decrease drastically. For people so adamant about “liberals” being Authoritarians, to be upset about the disbanding of a bunch of Authoritarians seems to smack of hypocrisy.

Who needs police anyway? Wasn’t the whole point of the second Amendment supposed to be for citizens to be able to defend themselves?

One is government sanctioned while the other isn’t? Civil Asset Forfeiture certainly looks like looting to me.

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It certainly does! Civil Forfeiture without trial is nothing more than theft and is reprehensible.

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