What will Happen to these boys?

Two 18yos in texas found out that their step dad, was molesting their 9yo half sister (Their mother’s and step dad’s daughter). They obtained the help of one of their18yo friends, and the three of them beat their step dad to death. What would you expect to happen to them?

If I was on the jury, I would have a hard time convicting if it went down the way they say it did.


Give them a medal and send them home to care for their sister.


I fully concur, but with all the lawlessness I see taking place in the inner cities, these three will probably be the ones to get life.

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Enlisting a friend was stupid. That’s a conspiracy/pre-meditation rap. They’re going away forever.

You may be right, but I certainly hope not.

Personal feelings have no bearing on whether or not this was a premeditated murder.

No personal feelings involved. I Live in Virginia 2000 miles away. I just dont think our society is served by locking up 3 18yos for fifty or more years for killing a child molester.


We’ll see what happens. Gypsy Rose Blanchard got 10 years for second degree murder and will be out on parole by 2024.

“I just dont think our society is served by locking up 3 18yos for fifty or more years for killing a child molester” is a personal feeling.

There is always the possibility that the prosecutor will drop the charges as per their discretion to do so.

That’s the way I feel about penalizing children who don’t want to carry their rapist’s get to term, but you guys have got to start being consistent about the application of the law. If it’s wrong to plan and carry out an execution, no matter how vile its intended target, then ‘society’ is served by prosecuting those who do so.

If the degree of malignity of the intended victim matters more, well, there goes the conservative movement itself.

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What did you think was going to happen to Rittenhouse?

I think the only way these kids will do any time is if they accept a plea deal. That may be the best thing for the prosecution. If it goes to a jury, I could definitely seeing at least one mother or father voting not guilty. Hell, OJ Got off.

I’d say something along the lines of how this father was charged?

Organized criminal charges. Conspiracy. They are going to prison.

The article says they all found out together.

“When brothers (Alejandro) and Christian Trevino found out, they became enraged and confronted Gabriel Quintanilla at the residence. A physical fight ensued between the three and the victim Quintanilla left the location on foot,” the release read.

I thought Rittenhouse would be acquitted, given the current state of ‘stand your ground’ law.

Here: three separate assault incidents, planned and organized, involving pursuit of the victim, probably won’t pass that muster.

Texas prosecutor charged them with organized criminal activity for a reason.

The two brothers found out, and beat the stepdad up.

Then they called their friend, and the three of them beat him up again.

Then the three of them encountered the stepfather a third time, and beat him to death, dumping his body.

That’s where the “conspiracy” part comes in.

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Texas doesn’t have favorable case law for spousal/familial murder as self-defense either, does it?

Sure…How did that work out for OJ Simson? Jury Nullification is a real issue. I would not vote to convict if I was on the jury. Maybe they will be able to preemt all the dads.

Stand your ground laws had no bearing on the case.