What Will Happen if Warren, Bernie, or Another Socialist Wins the Presidency?

Here is what I believe will happen the day after a socialist wins the Presidency:

  1. The stock market will crash as bad or worse that 1929.
  2. Within a month a depression will set in that can’t be stopped, not the great depression II, but the greatest depression.
  3. Energy shortages, massive.
  4. Crime waves.
  5. No toilet paper.
  6. Who knows what next…

Dogs and Cats living together. Mass Hysteria!


None of that is possible. Donald Trump is so incredibly fantastic, he’s created an economy so indestructible, the Marxist likes of Sanders and Warren would be lucky to put a scratch in it.

I would strongly recommend that if Warren or Sanders wins the election you get your best towel and don’t panic.


If Trump is gone & a socialist wins, it will be near instant stock market crash.

Notice how nobody addresses how the stocks would plummet, it’s because they know it’s true.


Conservatives will all put on their tricorner hats, claim they never really supported Trump just like they did with Bush and start claiming to be Tea Partiers again?


I certainly cannot say unequivocally that the stock market would plummet.

Yea totallyz

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One of them may win the nomination but they are so far to the left of the country there’s pretty much no chance they win the presidency.

If we play the what if game however, how effective they could be would depend on the makeup of congress so likely four years of stalemate.

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You have tonight’s lotto numbers?

Hell will freeze over, pigs will fly and there will be a protestant pope installed.

There is very likely going to be a recession sometime between 2021 and 2025 regardless of who wins the Presidency this coming November.

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This is what will happen.

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The two worst crashes of the 20th Century occurred during two Republican Administrations: Herbert Hoover and George W. Bush. So why does anyone associate Stock Market crashes with socialism?

You left out the immediate confiscation of all guns, to be carried out by the end of January 2021, the dissolution of the Border Patrol and all structures that control the southern border, and the Religious Liberty Act of 2021 that will order the closing of all churches that do not sign a pledge to support Democratic Policies.


for one thing the idiot “news” orgs will go back to coddling their “historic” president


I’m certain there would be no “resistance” of any kind.

That would be wrong.

Who here has claimed they didn’t support President Bush?

If one of the front runners won the election, I’d change my course of direction, start turning assets into cash and prepare for the worst because…I know…it’s coming.

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