What will Biden's policies do to the Middle Class & Fixed Income People?

You will lose over $6800.00 a year.

You taxes will be much higher.

Inflation will go up a lot, the price of everything will cost you more.

Gasoline will go past $4.00 a gallon.

Electricity & heating fuels will go through the roof.

Regulations & higher taxes plus other governmental imposed expenses will force your employer to do layoffs, cutbacks of benefits & upgrades of equipment & facilities, also resulting in other layoffs & cutbacks in support industries. That’s what happened in my area, so many businesses closed or went bankrupt here many called this area the “Obama no jobs Zone”

GDP won’t go past 3%. It may go negative.

There will be another massive loan default like in 2008. Massive home foreclosures & millions more on food stamps & welfare.

The riots, looting, & burning won’t stop. Probably will increase.

Then the left will be forced to “Save us” with imposing socialism, after we are all desperate for any kind of relief. But it won’t be relief, it will be much, much worse, only we will have given up some of our freedoms.

Of course this is all conspiracy theory, just like with Obamacare, we warned it would cost more, though they left promised it would cost less, we warned it would force many out of their plans, deductible’s would go up, there would be fewer choices, you wouldn’t get to keep your doctor, & all the other promises the left made, would not happen & they was lying.

In the end, just as now, it’s a pack of lies, it will cost us all a lot, there WON’T be 18 million new jobs, there will be more costs on everything, less jobs, a shrinking middle class, & more poverty.

You can take it to the bank everything the left is promising the opposite will happen just like with Obamacare. Just like they was against Fracking, till they was for it. But as soon as the election is over, will go back on it all.

They can PROMISE anything, but they won’t deliver.

Biden has no intention of keeping his word.

He won’t last long anyway, & it’s a certainty Kamala won’t.