What will be the first Images from the Webb Space Telescope? Make Predictions

Here is the same area from HUBBLE to compare.

That would be a great idea. Get the public involved.

Folding@Home is pretty cool. You can donate computational time when you’re not using your computer to help simulate Protein Dynamics.

I did it with my PS3 way back in the day when Sony was partnered with them. I’d pick one or two nights out of the week and let my PS3 join the node. The Cell processor in the PS3 was a good number cruncher; better than the CPU I had in my desktop at that time.

Felt nice being a part of something like that.

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Also Dagon

Do you remember the SETI online?

Wow the “Seti.com” domain is available.

It’s seti.org


t’s still there

They are still looking for the signal.

Todays image is just a first test, looking back 4.5 billion years. What we are waiting for is the view back 13+ billion years.

What will it look like? What will it show?

live feed ended but can be run back to the beginning in the player.

The dream of seeing the beginning–the big bang or first appearance of light, is seeking the “Ylem”

Karlheinz Stockhausen the composer wrote a piece of music which he named Ylem.

Music of Space. Here the cymbal crash represents the big bang.

a NEW live stream from NASA

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I did SETI at home for like ten years.

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it should have been The Spiders from Mars…

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Cake Pan

Top Photo is the Carina Nebula
Bottom Photo is part of the coast of Algeria

When I look over my shoulder
What do you think I see?
Some other cat lookin’ over
His shoulder at me
And he’s strange
Sure is strange
You’ve got to pick up every stitch
You’ve got to pick up every stitch, yeah

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Please investigate

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My Tardigrade


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Living Fractals everywhere

So will the Ylem be mandelbrots?


A mandelbrot doesn’t have to look like a mandelbrot though. :wink:


Made with Kalles Fraktaler 2

When the rabbit hole isn’t linear, strange and wonderful things present themselves.