“what were living in right now...it is fascism”

guess who?

that’s right. the clueless wonder of congress. AOC, says we live in fascism, out stumping for devout Communist Bernie.

i mean, socialist. ahem

now granted we all realize how petulant and ignorant of history and reality AOC is, being a clueless millennial democrat and all, hater of capitalism, devoid of any perspective beyond boilerplate leftist dogma from Boston U, but do you agree we are a fascist country? why?

this will surely devolve into many precisely analyzing the definition of “fascism” but please refrain from the “obsessed with AOC” bull crap.

i really want to know how Bernie supporters feel this is a fascist country, besides that some people succeed.


Maybe she thinks she has a shot at being Bernie’s VP?


“Trump is a fascist” is about as accurate as “Bernie is a communist.”

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Well obviously she and the morons in the crowd don’t know what fascism is and she and the morons are too dumb to realize that socialist practices they support are similar to fascism as one of the elements of fascism is absolute intolerance of views and practices that do not align with leftist views. AOC, and her ilk of progressive liberals what to make thought and opinions hate crimes, what to repeal the 2nd Amendment, and have imposed PC speech, LGBT militancy & gender crap on the country and they support a BIG authoritarian government.

Voting Americans have to be smarter then these idiots, dear lord if we are not & keep voting them into positions of power we are doomed as a free nation.


So what?

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Ok, but she is sort of expected to be not that bright. Surely Bernie came out and corrected her and defended this country from her attacks? Surely the media pressed her hard on it?


maybe she should use that as her re-election slogan: “AOC! because the USA is fascist”

it astounds me that people who hate America are in congress


one whole post before scrambling to trump

good job

My point is that everyone’s rhetoric is getting way to hyperbolic.

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is AOC’s hyperbolic?

Saying that we are living under fascism? Yes.

it doesnt appear to be “hyperbole”

at least while words have meaning

Even if she truly believes it?

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They may “hate” what America is now and want to change it. That’s why they went into politics - to make a change for what they think is better.

And no I’m not agreeing with AOC, but at least she’s doing something she believes in.

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What is LGBT militancy.

Amazing how a freshman congresswoman with almost zero power triggers people.

Yet when the US president says crazy/stupid things, no response?


Amazing how a freshman congresswoman, with absolutely no prior political experience, preaches to, cajoles and threatens members of her own party with a lot more experience and knowledge.

AOC is the fat ugly kid standing on the diving board screaming “Watch me Mommy!!!”

her “beliefs” are antithetical to everything america is about, not to mention disrespectful and a slap in the face for those who fought actual fascism.

she’s too vapid to know any better or care


should she not ever be criticized?