What we must believe is Dr Ford story is true


If her story was remotely credible, why would she back off further pursuing action against Kavanaugh once he was confirmed? She has stated publicly now that he has been confirmed, she will not pursue any further action against Kavanaugh over her sexual misconduct allegation. Certainly sounds like something an actual victim would do, right? Completely give up? Isn’t it also great how she never claimed she was raped, (not that he didn’t try, but he was too drunk to succeed but apparently not drunk enough that he couldn’t sneak up on her from behind and take her completely unaware :roll_eyes:) but the libs here are still throwing that word around anyway?


Well isn’t it obvious Doug? All of the people she named are obviously conservative plants covering for Kavanaugh. Even Leland. It’s why noone else can “remember” what she’s claiming happened.


There is no evidence the claimed incident ever took place. None of the people she claimed were there could or would corroborate her story.

Kavanaugh however has been smeared for life and both his personal and professional reputations have been ruined over the accusation.


She discredited herself in her attempts to destroy a good man and a fine jurist with an unblemished record in over a decade on the Federal Bench.


Mocked? He pointed out the glaring holes in her fabricated story.


Yeah it’s like the whole doxxing thing never happened. Or something.


There is of course no evidence at all that Kavanaugh is any of those things.


Then explain for us why it is that so many rape victims can describe everything in detail surrounding and during their rapes.

This woman wasn’t even raped.


She refused to turn them over which is exactly what was stated and you argued against.


Did you honestly expect this would be forgotten?

Of course you believe her even though her entire story was discredited, you don’t care about the facts, it’s all about what you want to believe.


Because tying the release of her notes to conditions that the FBI obviously would never go for speaks to how willing she was to provide them. There’s a sucker born every minute.


If I remember correctly there is no statute of limitations re: crimes like this is Maryland…

She could have actually pressed charges.


That seems to be the case so why hasn’t she?


At the time of the alleged assault there was a statute of limitations. The crime as described in the hearings was a misdemeanor at that time and had a 1 year limitation.


Ahh, that clears it up.


Bad news for you, early voting has already started in some states and more will start soon.


There was a whole lot of mind reading (presumption or prejudging) as compared to the actual acts alleged.

The implied intent was the attention maker.


Sure seems odd that you all feel the need to further denigrate this woman.

And no, I didn’t say “tomato”. I said “deplorable” and you can pronounce it whichever way you wish.


Her lies are still motivating people to do harm to Kavanaugh. She needs to be publically shown to be a liar.


Kavanaugh is the only problem at this point. He does not belong on the SC. You can milk these talking points until your bucket overflows but at the end of the day we still have a partisan, unhinged, sot on the SC.