What we must believe is Dr Ford story is true


She couldn’t even remember if she GAVE them to the New Paper or Told the reporter what was in them.
Also your saying she didn’t trust the Democrats who somehow leaked all the stuff.


So the answer is no, you cannot prove your baseless accusation against Justice Kavanaugh. At least you have something in common with ford.


The point is that this was brought up several weeks ago…He’s on the court, they both have been dragged through the mud. WHy are you bringing this up now? It’s pointless.


I don’t have much in common with Ford. A future SC justice never tried to rape me when I was young.

Mark my words - when he get’s older he will get sloppier and there will be a controversy either over his excessive drinking or his lack of respect for women. Mark my words. Bet your bippie. Buy stock.


I mentioned one thing in common.

Apparently she also has something in common with you.

That make two things.


She said that she would make the notes available to the FBI on condition that she be interviewed. This statement was made in October during the second FBI investigation as a delaying tactic (IMO) after it was already clear that a second interview would not be needed (an extensive review was already available due to her committee testimony). She did not get to dictate the terms of the investigation or make turning over documents conditional to her controlling the process.


What she did to her best friend was never brought up. People believed a woman that would treat another human being in the manner she did. Here best friend apparently never knew she was abandoned to rapist, yet people believed her story. I bring this up to show just how sick people are when it comes to believing a story. They ignored the obvious and called her credible.


I see you have no respect for woman either. I’m not surprised. I mean, after all, you are here defending a lying, rape attempting, alcoholic, misogynist. It’s strange what hill you all decided to die on.


and you believe a women that admittedly without repentance abandoned her best friend with a rapist and never bothered to lift a finger to save her life. Went home in silence to leave her to the fate of rapist. That’s a hard one to believe. I don’t think she is that evil, but you apparently do.


It makes you deeply traumatized by an event in which you’re unable to think straight.


Does it bother you that you have to come up with all these strange and unique mental reactions to explain the very simple…it did not happen.


I’m responding to an argument in the OP based on the assumption that the allegation is true. Take it up with him.


I tried bringing this up early on. Only response was that she was too traumatized to go back for her friend. Never did hear how that excused the next 2 years of high school parties or the college parties where she and her friends went and she never gave her friends a “heads up” to watch out for those guys, “they get abusive when drunk”. What kind of friend does that?


Yes which makes the statement that she didn’t want them reviewed false


More character assassination. You guys really only have one play in your book. You should do something about that.

I do not need to defend Justice Kavanaugh. There is no evidence against him. Come up with some evidence and we can talk.


What I wonder most is why all these talking points are being spewed when he has already been confirmed.

Well, actually I don’t wonder. It’s very transparent. Trumpers want to keep the faux outrage going till the midterms hoping it will help your chances. That’s a month away - it’s going to be a long month for you all.

And yes, I believe that woman over the disgusting display I saw from Kav.


For there to be character assassination the subject needs to have said character to begin with. He doesn’t. He showed that in the hearing very clearly.


More of the same.


PhD faculty can lose perspective fairly easily.

Do you think she lectures her students in that little girls voice?


Doesn’t matter. They saw the hearing.