What we must believe is Dr Ford story is true


Seems you didn’t watch the hearing and are just relying on right wing radio talking points.


Today? Nah, he was part of Ken Starr’s witchhunt on Clinton in the 90’s. He’s been a partisan hack since then.

More recently, ever since Boozin’ Brett blamed Clintons and media and Democrats for all his woes, it was clear that his anger towards one party was on full display.

His decisions on the SC will be fueled with anger towards Democrats and any decision that can hurt them, he will decide in that fashion. He is biased and has tainted the SC for the next how many ever years he’s on the SC.


To further denigrate her? She did that all by herself. Discussing the outcome is not further denigrating her.


You ve got a great point there. I would think it would be a good idea to take whatever steps are necessary to get to why and how DiFi could come into possession of Ford’s letter in July, sit on it thru her private interview with the judge, thru more than 30 hours of testimony by the and not bring it up as one of the what,1300 written questions he answered.

And then after sitting on it someone either in DiFi’s Office, Ford’s Congress person or her lawyers Office mysteriously released the letter after the hearings were over and 72 hours before the committee vote…

A little investigating of that timetable is in order…boy howdy I ll bet that one turns up some unhinged partisanship!


If you can show more proof of why he doesn’t belong on the SC than the hearings and the FBI were able to provide, then please share it with us.

Otherwise, I’d be inclined to think you have a opinion, ignored the facts and are just doubling down on opinion.


Would you like some cheese to SMEAR on that whine?


Let time go by and we will see. I predict controversy in his SC future. You have faith in him for some reason - I simply don’t.


That is fair enough.


I think you are full of beans on this assessment.

In the spirit of humoring our less critical thinkers I will submit that IF your rhetoric is accepted at face value the WORSE outcome is that Ginsberg is balanced and some other SCOTUS ends up becoming a “swing.” vote.

Not so terrible really.


Exactly. It is too outrageous a violation of public trust to let slide. Nothing of any genuine consequence would come to Feinstein, so let the American public find out just how this last minute drama was concocted.


Yeppers…all the time testifying…more than 300 judicial opinions…years on the bench to have his performance analyzed…7 Fbi background checks…

But an anonymous poster on the inter web knows all about the unhinged partisanship nobody else caught.

I wonder if that dude knows tonight’s powerball #’s???


There are no quality people in the current administrations, but not due to false accusations.


Yep. Conspiracies like sitting on that letter for a month and a half, never questioning Kavanaugh about it at all until after the committee hearings have ended, and lawyering up Ford with a free Democrat party lawyer. And that lawyer failed to tell Ford that she could state her case without appearaing in front of the committee.
And while the reporter said re the leak that no one from the committee leaked the letter, they didn’t mention that no one from the Democrat selected law firm didn’t leak the letter.
You mean made up conspiracies like that?


We saw the true Kavannah in the hearings. You can pretend otherwise but most Americans aren’t stupid like the dwindling number of trump supporters.


No, like the conspiracies that Ford stepped forward to seek revenge for the Clintons.


Yeah Ginsburg is not looking well. Someone mentioned the Democrats would do a weekend at Bernie’s with Ginsburg just to keep her seat.


She is a contributor to the Clinton machine. She somehow was connected with Clinton lawyers. If it walks out like a duck and quacks like a duck


Oh for the love of god.


I ll talk to the spell check on my phone about any typos…is this Mrs Haskins from the 3rd grade?

Yeah I watched as much as I could. I always laugh when left wing partisans jump on “he was rude to the Senators” while ignoring the range from stupid to rude he got from the Senators. Grassley has to tell Leahy to be quiet and let the witness answer. My favorite was after Lindsay Graham’s epic beat down Whitehouse starts asking a judge with decades of experience and more than 300 legal opinions about stupid crap in a high school yearbook. Kavanaugh was condescending as hell to that idiot. I would have been too.

The point is you folks want a one day highly contentious hearing in front of millions of people in which he was called upon to defend himself from some pretty awful false allegations made by a group of political hacks at least as rude as he was to be some kind of determining factor in his temperament. I guess when it became obvious Ford and company really weren’t telling very good stories those mobile goal posts had to move to something. In the process of clinging to one day to judge the man’s temperament you’ve chosen to ignore his decades of well recognized service on the bench.

But hey…whatever floats your boat.


Yeah, she’s starting to look a lot like Schrodinger’s Associate Justice.