What we must believe is Dr Ford story is true


Not quite…We only believe them if they are on the “left”. Because if they are on the left they are smart and honorable. If they are on the “Right” they are dumb and deserving of whatever befell them.


Why does he not belong on the SC? Please be specific.


For starters, he’s an angry partisan who believes in fake left wing conspiracies.


How is examining the allegation a bad thing? If you are so intent to putting the story to rest, then move along to another thread. The rest of us would like to take a microscope to the allegation and see what is thre that may have been missed when presented.

I DEFINITELY need to know who leaked her ID.

I would like to know why Feinstein sat on the allegation as she was interviewing Kavanaugh.

Putting this behind is up to you and only you at a personal opinion level.


Ginsberg did not look so good when the sitting justices were shown as a group. Her makeup team deserves an A, but they could not remove the vacant stare and lack of motor skill.


I take it you didn’t watch the hearings.

  1. He’s hopelessly partisan, blaming the Clintons and democrats on a conspiracy theory - completely unhinged.
  2. He had no respect for the confirmation process - whining at every turn, yelling at senators. How can he have respect for SC cases?

Without getting into his admitted excessive drinking and the credible allegations from Ford the above alone should be enough.


We get it Camp - you are in his camp.


The HOPED for outcome of an OUTRAGEOUS childhood accusation.

Sorry it did not quite work out that way…


The country is sorry. It’s the country that will suffer. Congrats.


Glad you could see the perspective.


The country will vote. The country will move forward.

What false character allegation do is keep quality people from serving in a public capacity.


You mistakenly think this man has good character. Your premise is flawed, so you can’t make a sound judgement.


No mistake. He is solid.


So the attempted rape charge didn’t work but he should not been angry about it.



There are shades of grey, nothing is black or white.

Have you never been accused of something you did not do?

Have you never found you’ve judged a person only listening to one side of the story only later to find out there were untruths being told? This kind of story telling happens a lot in divorce cases and when people are fired from their jobs, for example.


So to summarize…

Apparently today’s left wing Brett Kavanaugh talking point is that he is an unhinged partisan…

For those of you who appreciate comedy and irony…

This talking point is being offered up by a couple of unhinged left wing partisans!


He should be able to control himself. He was completely unhinged. Not SC material. Not even close. You’ll see as the years go by.


Solid alcoholic, partisan hack, and assaulter of women. Cheers!


I’d imagine because people are still angry about it and trying to come to some kind of understanding of how a story got so far, did so much damage when it wasn’t credible to begin with.


As you should and as will I.