What troubles me about this proposed Florida Constitutional Amendment is not the content itself, but the blatant dishonesty being used to sell it

Shifting of goalposts?

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Context, are we discussing shootings by the military and police in this thread, or civilians?

Between the frothing over “mass shootings” and Florida Man, libs are setting themselves up to run on reducing American freedom as their 2020 platform.

I love this. lol

Going to be a real vote getter for them in the midwest.

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Every single one of your links refer to either military or law enforcement agencies.

Also, using that language literally ANY rifle with a scope cam be classified as a sniper rifle.

Just like every other election. Utopia requires authoritarianism.

No one is the least bit concerned with the police being armed with fully automatic weapons while they are completely illegal for citizens? Pretty sure this is what the Founders specifically warned us about when they were writing the second amendment. Next we just need to turn the majority of the citizens into criminals and the police will have themselves a turkey shoot. Let freedom ring.

Are they arms?

Any accurate rifle can be classified as a “sniper rifle” regardless of action type.

Keep in mind that the people proposing these restrictions know next to nothing at all about firearms.

Were “military weapons” widely available to the general public at the time of the drafting, ratification, and passage of the 2nd Amendment?

Clearly that was their intent.

Yes, then.

Neither of which are bearable arms under the 2nd but you do make a good point.

At the time of the founding you could have anything you could afford up to and including your own war ship which would be the equivalent of a modern day Cruiser or Destroyer.

If someone else wants to make the argument that we should be allowed to own anything the military arms they can do so, but that’s not my battle.

We know for a fact they had the Colonial Militiamen in mind when drafting it since that was their example.

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