What treasures have you found on ebay?

20 years ago some company brought out a Pirates of the Caribbean game, little plastic ships that you snapped together.

I bought a couple but they must have been $5 a piece so I only bought two, just for display. Well…actually I had them on the dash of my car. :slight_smile: They disappeared many years ago…

So a few days ago I found these on ebay. 42 of 'em, for $20.

Now I just have to find some place to display them…

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That’s pretty cool. Is the game any fun or did you just buy it for the ships?

It’s a dice game - pirates against the Royal Crown…that’s all I remember from 20 years ago.

No packaging came with it to remind me.

To be honest I just bought it for the ships. ; )

Just got myself an ebay account, but haven’t ordered anything.

Am kind of shocked, actually. Paint by numbers, my new hobby, is selling like hotcakes with more staying home. Gotta have something to do.

Seems like a 16 x 20 that normally runs around $20 is either hard to find, or prices have risen, probably with demand. On eBay, one that runs $20 from Joann’s and directly from the manufacturer is close to $50 :scream:

Was relieved Dimensions, the manufacturer, is back in business after temporary closure & was able to order a couple 11 x 14 bundled, so I paid under $30.

Will show off the one I’m almost done with when I’m done, and am totally looking forward to receiving my Birds and Blooms bundle.

That is so cool!

I browse eBay for random things now and again. Recently I’ve been looking at Viewmaster viewers and disks. Pretty silly I know but that was something I really liked as a kid.

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