What the Spring Breakers Hath Wrought

(Note to mods…my source for the video I want to highlight is a tweet…but it’s not to make a comment on something someone said in the tweet so I hope you will let it stand).

So this company did a study of every mobile device that was active on a beach in Ft. Lauderdale during Spring Break, and then tracked where those devices went over the next couple of weeks.

All the potential places they might have spread COVID if they caught it during those days of partying.

Shows the impact a large gathering can have.

Good visual.

I vote let it stand.

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Here’s another data set. Social distancing score card. I hadn’t heard of this until today.


My county being good obedient citizens.

Getting an A grade…and daily new cases going down the last three days.

Mine has a B. We awight.

We’re in collective denial down here.